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Introduction – What Is SEO: Whenever you enter a query in a search engine and hit ‘enter’ you get a list of web results that contain that query term. Users normally tend to visit websites that are at the top of this list as they perceive those to be more relevant to the query.

How Search Engines Work: The first basic truth you need to know to learn SEO is that search engines are not humans. While this might be obvious for everybody, the differences between how humans and search engines view web pages aren’t. Unlike humans, search engines are text-driven. Although technology advances rapidly, search engines are far from intelligent creatures that can feel the beauty of a cool design or enjoy the sounds and movement in movies. Instead, search engines crawl the Web, looking at particular site items (mainly text) to get an idea what a site is about. 

Differences Between The Major Search Engines: Although the basic principle of operation of all search engines is the same, the minor differences between them lead to major changes in results relevancy. For different search engines different factors are important. There were times, when SEO experts joked that the algorithms of Bing are intentionally made just the opposite of those of Google.

How Does SEO Work? : Search engine optimization works on the principle of satisfying search engine algorithms. Search engines used advanced mathematical equations to analyze and sort websites. Websites that correspond to those equations (algorithms) with highest relevancy get top spots in search results.

Types Of SEO: In web marketing basically two types of SEO is available Off-Page Optimization and On-Page Optimization 
A)   Off–Page Optimization: - Off–Page Optimization include all kinds of ranking factor which must be available in your web page. Following factor must be including in the web page. If you want to batter search engine ranking. B) On-Page Optimization: - On-Page Optimization includes those who make your web page. Search engine friendly. This includes.

SEO:Off Page Optimization: have already discussed about the basics of On-page Optimization on this blog. Now lets move on the next part of SEO “off page optimization“. The difference between on page and off page optimizations is just, when we do anything inside of our site to optimize it then it is called on-page optimization.

SEO: On Page Optimization: The term On Page Optimization refers to just that: optimization that is done directly on a specific webpage to achieve better search engine rankings. This could mean on the visible parts of the page (what the viewer or customer can see) or in the code or invisible parts of the page. 

Off-page SEO tactics to drive consistent traffic on to your website: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become such a broad term today that whichever activity drives any traffic on your website is considered as an SEO Activity! In earlier days, we – as SEO Consultants - used to focus specifically on the structure and content of websites only, which we called “On-page SEO”.

SEO: 10 Hard-hitting On-page SEO Strategies to Improve Search Rankings: On-page optimization is basically the process of improving a webpage/website’s content as well as other site’s back-end elements in order to boost its keyword rankings on search engine result pages. Most effective SEO strategies heavily rely on this part of the site’s optimization process, given that 50% of all the SEO factors that help in improving search rankings come from this side of the campaign.

5 Reasons Why SEO’s and Clients May See Different Search Results: I bet all SEO’s have faced this problem at least once - a client looking up their target keywords on the Internet and seeing different website rankings than the ones stated in the rankings report. How do you explain to clients that you are not trying to cheat them?

Another SEO for Firefox Update: I just updated SEO for Firefox again. Now it numbers the search results, and it allows you to sort the results by any of the selected variables. I didn’t want the sorting to be obtrusive, so you have to right click on the search results, scroll over SEO for Firefox, then scroll over sort on the submenu and click the variable you want to sort by.

Today’s SEO Climate: The Panda Update and Article Marketing: It is no secret that Google has recently updated their search algorithm. Some Google engineer decided to call it a Panda, not sure why, but there is a name for it, it seems more accurate, and updating the farmer. 

Optimize for Better Facebook and Yahoo! Search Visibility: Would you guess that this link leads to a video of a skate contest? Probably not only is there no image to go along with the article, the title is confusing, there’s no description, and the URL doesn’t even give a hint as to what the link is about.

Google Shuttering Buzz In Favor Of Google+; Farewell To Labs: Buzz was a great learning experience, says Google, but in a few weeks it will be shut down and all such efforts will be focused on Google Plus. The move will likely come as no surprise to Google-watchers, who noted that Buzz integration with Google+ was minimal. Additionally, the Google Labs page, as previously announced, will disappear after today.

Today’s SEO and Online-Marketing News: Goldman Sachs has invested in Facebook at a valuation of $50 billion . The social-media website itself purports to have 500 million “active users,”  so that means that every single person on the network has added $100 of value to the company.

Onpage SEO Analysis – Feature updates: Initial feedback from beta user’s of SearchEnabler SEO platform indicated complexity in plan phase configuration. We worked towards reducing manual configuration by automating couple of steps. It also helped in reducing user wait time due to crawl in progress, now user can directly start onpage seo analysis and optimization even before the website crawl is initiated.

Google starts rolling out Page Speed Service: Today we are here to introduce you with Google’s effort to make the whole web faster than ever. By saying “Faster Web” we mean “fast loading web pages” and as we know, site speed is an important ranking factor in Google’s search engine algorithm starting early April, 2010. Google also released a small tool called Page Speed as an add-on to Firefox Firebug extension that evaluates the performance of web pages and gives suggestions for improvement.

Facebook SEO Tips: With more than 700 million users, Facebook has become second most visited website in the world and first in terms of time spent on a website. Yes, people spend more time on Facebook than Google.

Bookmarking Heaven: Top 10 Bookmarking websites for SEO: Social bookmarking is a method to discover, store and organize bookmarks of online resources. Social bookmarking is a boon for news websites, blogs and others, as it provides tremendous back link support (boost for SEO) to your content and eventually drives traffic to your website.

Build websites to engage users: It seems many of the local business have bought into the idea of getting online and having some form of internet presence, but how many of those sites really get traffic? Websites without user traffic are like shops without customers. Many a times website URL’s just remain as part of business card and even website owners don’t visit them.

Google Starts Rolling Out Speed ​​Service Page: We are here today to present an effort to make Google the whole Web faster than ever. By “web faster,” which means “fast web page loading,” and as we know, the speed of the site is an important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm search engine beginning in early April 2010.

Web Masters E-mail ID List: Here I have collected some webmaster’s id for your better link exchange. These all are 100% active ids. Hope this new webmaster id list will be a little help for you.

Google New Products in 2011 - Inside Search: Google has launched three new features in recent event at San Francisco on June 14th 2011. Following are three new features. This event is officially named as “Google InsideSearch”. 
1.       Voice Search
2.       Instant Pages
3.       Search by Image

Bing - Microsoft New Decision Engine: Microsoft is going to release a new search engine which is called Bing. Microsoft team is saying that “people would find a new search experience through Bing, so they are calling it as adecision engine.

Google Ranking Factors - SEO Checklist: There are “over 200 SEO factors” that Google uses to rank pages in the Google search results (SERPs). What are the search engine optimization rules? Here is the speculation - educated guesses by SEO webmasters on top webmaster forums. Should you wish to achieve a high ranking, the various confirmed and suspected Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Rules are listed below.

Top 10 Off Page SEO Strategies: Every blogger face two phases in his blogging journey, First to build up a good blog and second is to promote and optimize its blog for search engines. If you working only on writing content than you are leaving 50 percent of what you should give to your blogging. With out Search Engine Optimization your blog is just like a fish without water.

3 Off-Page SEO Techniques Killed By Google Panda: Everybody knows that Google Panda has rolled out, of-course it increased the user’s experience but literally messed up those search ranking manipulators. I also tried these things in March-April and these techniques was working very well, like One can easily rank any keyword in just 15-20 days with those tactics.

Off Page SEO: Technical Pages: This post is a follow-up of last week post about SEO: On Page SEO: Search Engine UnfriendlyTechnologies. I invite you to read this previous post as well. If you would like to have a whole picture of my SEO guide, you can check the series from the very first post: Comprehensive introduction to SEO.

On Page, Off page SEO: RV Technologies is a provides SEO Services India. Its a company that is well equipped and competent to provide various SEO services in India. Our experts are equipped with latest modern tools and techniques with updated knowledge of search engine optimization and marketing. We offer a wide range of guaranteed and proven Search engine Optimization services India.

List of Social Bookmarking Sites (Off page Seo): Social Bookmarking is basically an off page SEO technique. I have shared a huge collection of my bookmarking sites. You just simple need to submit your url to these bookmarking sites.

A Guide to Search Engine Optimization: Unfortunately simply submitting your web site to search engines will not drive traffic to your site. Although submission is an integral part of any effective search engine optimizing strategy, you must achieve good search positions for anyone to find your listing. Hopefully our useful hints and tips will help you optimize your site and achieve that top ten position.

SEO Guide for Designers: According to a poll I conducted, just over 1 out of 10 people don’t think SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is mandatory as a designer; and what really surprised me is about 24% don’t even know what SEO is! If you’re among the quarter of people who don’t know what SEO is or understand how it can help you, you should really read this article.

Why Should You Learn About SEO?: SEO isn’t only for online marketers. As a web designer or frontend developer, most on-site SEO is your responsibility. If your site is not search engine friendly, you might be losing a lot of traffic that you’re not even aware of. Remember, besides visitors typing in “” and backline referrals; search engines are the only way people can find your site.

Web Designer Wall: Responsive web design is no doubt a big thing now. If you still not familiar with responsive design, check out the list of responsive sites that I recently posted. To newbies, responsive design might sound a bit complicated, but it is actually simpler than you think. To help you quickly get started with responsive design, I’ve put together a quick tutorial.

Directory Submissions Sites List: Below you will find a list of the Top Directory Submission Sites. Please note that PR stands for page rank.

233 Social Networking Sites for Marketing Your Blog: A few weeks ago I wrote a post about using niche 2nd-tier social media sites to create a domino effect of traffic with larger social media sites. Since then I have received a number of requests to compile a list of social media sites.

Business Profile Listing Sites List: Here is a list of high page rank web sites where you can post your content, create profiles, and link-up your site’s URL without any reciprocal link from your site. Once you create these high page rank backlinks, profiles, and accounts, they will be a source of web traffic for you. These sites are also great for reputation management campaigns. The sites will normally create a good ranking profile for your company name that in most cases willl appear witin Google’s search results pretty fast.

Keyword Density: Keywords density should range between 1-2%, for the main keywords of the page (for each 100 words, use the main keyword one or two times), each secondary keyword should be used less than the main keyword of the page. Do not include the Meta title and description when calculating keyword density (only main text of the page and its headers [H1+H2]).

Meta Title and Description: A Meta Title must not exceed 64 characters (including spaces) and MUST include the main keyword or keywords with modifiers if possible. The main keyword needs to appear at the beginning of the title.

How To Write SEO Article: To write a good seo article you simply need to include that keyword in the title, throughout the body, keyword or tags, and if you’re submitting to article directories you want to include it in the author resource box. That’s the ultimate basics.
Will the Good Content Writers Replace the Need for Tailored SEO Programs?: Providing the most tailored search engine optimization programs might be the main mission of a successful seo agency, but with so many companies describing their services as tailored, the word is becoming a cheesy catch-all phrase that people with an online presence are going to stop taking so seriously.

Sitemaps Are Essential For SEO and For Visitors Too: A sitemap is important for several reasons. While some may consider having a sitemap redundant, or repetitive, it can help the search engines find some of your deeply nested pages. So it is useful for SEO purposes. It can also aid your visitors by giving them a snapshot of your website – a quick overview.

SEO with Rich Content and Backlinks: Simply put, backlinks are the references to a webpage from another relevant and popular website. Suppose you own a website with lot of data on online games. If the information given in your website is good and original, other popular gaming websites or any sites with such details would probably give a link to your website.

SEO and Keyword Density: SEO is the crux for deriving traffic to a webpage or a website. As the name indicates, SEO relies on optimizing certain aspects of a webpage such that it appears in the top listings of the search engines when someone triggers a search.

3 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Making The Grade: You may have started with the best of intentions but you’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to drum up the necessary enthusiasm to do anything with your blog these days. This is the short road to a failed blog. You might have thought that what you had to say was really good, and maybe it is, but sometimes that doesn’t mean a thing.

Is India Becoming Lesser Attractive As An Outsourcing Destination for Content?: When we talk of website content then it must be said that it is a growing industry and lots of activities are happening around this online business. This is a profitable business and has become very popular in the recent years.

Top 5 Most Popular Topics Searched On Google: Understanding what people are searching for while browsing the Internet can have a huge impact on how you conduct your business, no matter if you’re marketing a specific product or if you’re an affiliate marketer. In the early days of the Internet, finding out what was on everyone’s minds when they visited Google required a lot of guesswork.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization" or "search engine optimizer." Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. 

Larry Lessig on the corrupting influence of money: Larry Lessig has a new book called Republic, Lost which discusses the corrupting influence of money on politics. I would highly recommend the book, because it gets to the heart of why things so many things in Washington, D.C. seem broken today and how to fix them.

Beware of fake Matts leaving comments: A lot of the time, I dispel misconceptions by leaving comments on blogs. That works great, except for the rare occasion when someone pretends to be me and leaves a rude, fake, or otherwise untrue blog comment. Over the previous decade, I’ve only seen 4-5 times where someone impersonated me.

Progress against SOPA: When I did my blog post about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) last week, things looked quite grim. The fight isn’t over, but there’s been a lot of great developments in the last few days.

I need your help–please. Call your congressperson?: Normally I don’t like to ask people for help, but I could really use your assistance. If you’ve ever watched one of my webmaster videos, or if I’ve responded to you on Twitter, email, or somewhere else online, please take 5-10 minutes to help me out today.

Grow a moustache and fight cancer!: For my next 30 day challenge, I’ll be growing a mustache to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues, and specifically prostate cancer research. Men of search and SEO, please join our team. You can raise awareness, or raise cash. And it’s super simple: just don’t shave your moustache for 30 days. The name of the event is Movember and it should be a blast. Here’s my profile page, for example.

Unveil the Power of SEO Friendly URLs: Each SEO has its own tactics to follow when it comes about optimizing URLs to SEO friendly URLs. There are many blog posts that talk about how to optimize URLs to make them search engine friendly. Optimizing URLs can be of greater use to rank a website in top notch results of search monsters which gives you more and more benefit. However, today in my SEO tips, there are some points to remember that will unveil the true power of SEO friendly URLs in the internet marketing world.

Catch 4 Vital Content Management System Tips: It feels so tough to work with the large enterprises, and it is not an easy task for a SEO because there are many challenges that a SEO has to face, probably if there is a company website with more than 100 pages. Phew! It’s a tough job for a SEO to optimize all of the pages.

Easy SEO holiday tips by the Indian SEO Company: The holiday shopping season is again on the block and the best way to drive holiday shopper’s attention is through comprehensive search results. There are innumerable ways of improving your website’s search engine optimization that will also potentially augment your holiday traffic while making this holiday shopping season a lucrative year for your online venture.

Common Link Building Errors Shunned By SEO Company in India: Making errors in link building is a common practice in the SEO world; however, with the changing time, SEO Company India is increasingly getting educated about the correct link building procedures. Let us have a look at some common errors which, though used now, must be avoided by the SEO specialist for effective result:

Face book Fan page SEO Tips by Professional SEO Company in India: There’s no better place to promote your online business than the online medium. Gain ultimate exposure while targeting niche audiences with the latest of tools and techniques of web marketing. These days, almost all online businesses make it a point to create their own Face book fan page.

Brilliant on page SEO tips for blogs: Now that you have completed your blogs and ready to post them online, hold on before you finally hit the updates! Consider optimizing your blogs before posting them on any website. Blog on page optimization is pretty different than the optimization of websites. On page optimization of blogs are more specific and focused which gives people something to talk about and is worthy of all attention.

New Google algorithm update- a boon for all SEO company in India: Here’s great news for the SEO Company in India who are counting their success on freshness! Shortly after the release of Google Panda 2.5 and Google Vince 2.0, it is now time that the cyberspace experience the effectiveness of the newly launched Google Algorithm named as Caffeine Web Indexing System this November 2011.

Follow basic guidelines of on page SEO to obtain maximum visibility on the web: On page SEO will only deal with the content that is present on your website. If you are not comfortable doing on page optimization by yourself, you can definitely hire a company that offers on page SEO service to clients and customers. Today majority of the companies that offer content writing services will also work on the aspect of search engine optimization and provide both on page optimization service as well as off page optimization service to the clients. However, you have to understand the concept of this optimization service as well as its requirement. On page search engine optimization means that the text, the links as well as the images on the website are optimized.

Effective Link Building Tips and Strategies Followed by Professional SEO Company in India: Link building is the most crucial and challenging part of SEO. A professional SEO company in India or anywhere else tries to get quality links for their own websites or for their clients. Link is one of the many factors that search engines consider to decide which page should rank on top.

5 On page optimization tips for WordPress: On page optimization is one of the important aspects of search engine optimization services. Most search engine optimization companies would offer you onpage optimization service to make your website more visible in the search engines. Only experts who know how to do on page optimization can help you optimize your website for better results.

Manual Submission Or Auto Submission Tools – What a professional search engine optimization company will choose: Auto submission tools might look attractive but a professional search engine optimization company would always prefer manual submission. And there are several reasons behind this. A professional SEO company knows how search engines work and what works best when it comes to improve ranking.

On Page Optimization To Make Your Webpage Relevant To A Search Query: Hiring a professional offering on page optimization service foron page optimization of your webpage is the best alternative today. The reason is not only that there are so many thugs proclaiming to place your site right on the first page of major search engines but also because all your marketing campaign stems from how you optimize your web page content.

How an SEO company can reap full benefits of the Google +1 button?: Those SEO Company who were till now obsessed with the Face book and Twitter revolutions, going gaga over its benefits, have you explored the Google +1 button yet? If not, then it is high time that the Search Engine Optimization company gear up to find more about this ‘wonder click’ button since it’s a tad different stuff from the social networking site that Google has been promoting all this while.

SEO Company in India guarantee priceless results with cost-effective solutions: An SEO company India is the only solution when you need to bring your website to spotlight. A SEO Company in India ensures best results at affordable prices. A website is indispensable for an organization that runs its business online because a website is conceived to give exposure to the market.

Google Caffeine updates for SEO experts: Google new search algorithm Caffeine is ready to be launched. Some of the data centers have been updated with the new algorithm. But no one knows clearly when all 50 acres of their massive servers will be fully updated with Caffeine. According to Matt Cutt, Google was to be fully launched after end of holidays. So the time has arrived for major changes in SERP’s. Most of the SEO experts and webmasters are unaware of Caffeine algorithm.