Thursday, 20 October 2011

Facebook SEO Tips

With more than 700 million users, Facebook has become second most visited website in the world and first in terms of time spent on a website. Yes, people spend more time on Facebook than Google.
Facebook can not only be a good place to increase your social presence and add to referral traffic but also, it can help in improving customer engagement by establishing community around your brand.
In continuing with our series to get quick SEO tips (ref Twitter SEO Tips, LinkedIn profile tips and Web Design SEO Tips), we have got few simple Facebook SEO tips which can help you to improve social presence and take your business one step ahead of your competitor’s.
Facebook Business Page

Quick Setup Tips

1. Create a facebook page

Facebook profiles are meant for people only, pages are meant for businesses. If you don’t have facebook page for your business, first step is to create a facebook page.

2. Provide page name

Facebook page name are not allowed to change, so ensure usage of either brand name or most important business keyword first time itself. Similar to domain names, page names will be an important factor in facebook search.

3. Provide business info

Ensure usage of relevant keywords and describe your business in brief in facebook page info tab. In page info, you can add additional links to your blog, twitter account, LinkedIn profile or any other landing page of your website.

4. Claim page URL

After you acquire minimum required fans (25) for your page, claim the user-name with your brand or target keyword to get rid of ugly page URL. SearchEnabler URL :
Social media buttons in webpage

5. Use facebook buttons and widgets

Facebook provides like, share buttons and social plugins. Use them on your website and recommend your visitors to follow.
Use likes and share buttons on your blogs / articles and encourage visitors to like/share your articles. You never know, it might become viral not only getting you 100s or 1000s of visitors but also many high quality backlinks.

6. Setup facebook comments

Facebook also provide comments widget for websites. Visitors can comment to your articles using their facebook profile. Usage of comment widget, not only helps in getting more visitors via comment listing in visitors wall but also helps in controlling spam. Google bots are not able to crawl facebook comments, so if you are relying on comments to boost some SEO, here you will have to compromise.
Facebook comments reduces SEO

Quick Facebook Page Usage Tips

1. Make it interactive

Create polls, discussions which are appealing to your users. Need not be always about your product or services, can be about domain, industry which you are part of or catering too. Compelling and interactive content will ensure user’s participate and share it further on their walls.
Usage of Facebook Polls for engagement

2. Use link sharing and notes

Other than wall posts, sharing links and notes can be useful. These contents often gets listed in search results. After all who knows what people might stumble upon!

3. Privacy settings to ‘Everyone’

Don’t forget to select the ‘Everyone’ in Privacy Settings > Search so that even the distant networks around you will be able to see your content.
Sharing with everyone - privacy settings

4. Keyword usage

Include your keywords in headings for the wall posts, keywords in title will have similar impact to titles in any blog or webpage.

5. Regular updates

Keep your Facebook Page updated with news, posts, notes in a timely manner. Regular updates will ensure your fans coming back and even make them visit your website landing page resulting in improved conversions.
Facebook news feed regular updates

6. Re-use of old content

Is your page new to Facebook? No worries, you can always feature old contents from your websites every now and then, but only those which makes sense to your fans; as in do not update old news but you can update articles.

7. Break the monotony

Every user likes to consume varied content, only posting links or notes will make them bored. Try posting interesting videos, cartoons, ask questions, they will be happy to consume and refer more friends.
Facebook Questions improves engagement

8. Getting on top of wall

Remember, by mere ‘like’- ing your page does not mean that he/she is subscribed to your ‘News Feed’ on their walls. The more the interaction (Comments, Like, Tag, etc.) your fans have with your content, the more the chances of getting entry in to their news feed everyday. Try to get 5 or more likes / comments to get better ranked in news feeds.
Sharing post with social media buttons

And More…

You can improve your landing page, add custom applications and many more tabs with usage of FBML. Try to play around with your facebook page and see the growth of user engagement.
Do send your facebook seo tips, which has worked for you and can be useful to our reader’s.


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