Sunday, 30 October 2011

Google Starts Rolling Out Speed ​​Service Page

We are here today to present an effort to make Google the whole Web faster than ever. By "web faster," which means "fast web page loading," and as we know, the speed of the site is an important factor in Google's ranking algorithm search engine beginning in early April 2010.

Google released a small tool called Page Speed ​​as an add-on for Firebug Firefox extension, which assesses the performance of web pages and provides suggestions for improvement. When the speed of the site has introduced a ranking factor, would not have a lot of weight, but now Google is driving at a speed a major factor in the ranking of research and as we all know how much of our business depends on the location of research to draw traffic to our website.

Average load time of the site

Search Enabler initial launch they been involved in the site for faster loading time for benchmarking is an important factor in SEO Site Analysis

The release of Service Rate

Late July, Google announced the release of the API page speed online and started to deploy a limited number of trials for use. Our request to use hand speed services was approved yesterday.

What is the service Page Speed?

This is a network of Google, which automatically speeds up the loading time of web page optimization. What makes it really is, when you select the service by logging and show your site's DNS entry on Google, search the contents of the server, re-write your web resources based on best practices in terms of performance Web serving time These pages are optimized for end users around the world through their Google servers. Thus, users will see no difference to websites operated not only to improve load times.

What is for you the site owner?

Now you do not have to worry about various optimization techniques such as Web pages, image compression, caching, zipping, combining the CSS or any other well-known practice, quick service Google Page for you, and that is what you will be asked to pay.

Through the creation of a service Page Speed

It took about 30 minutes for the installation of a service for the website Page Speed ​​Search Enabler. The group is guided through a wizard step four speed console page. You must serve the domain of a URL reference to the URL of a domain, perform the check of the property and update the DNS settings for your domain route the request through the website of the speed of service.

To check the spread of DNS address whatsmydns

The improved speed of service

After configuration, Google will search the contents of the referring domain, rewrite to improve performance and begin to serve the demand of its service area. The performance test to serve domain, load times are improved by 70% and the page load time 60% recurrence.

The console dash speed makes a request for HTML; follow the average download time for HTML errors and all the time line.

Page Speed ​​Service in action

We still have to see how the speed of the page is reported in Google Webmaster or no impact on the outcome of the investigation and the percentage of dropouts.

Google currently offers a service speed of page free and can start charging at the end of the trial.

If you want to try, a request for access