Saturday, 15 October 2011

Today’s SEO and Online-Marketing News

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Goldman Sachs has invested in Facebook at a valuation of $50 billion . The social-media website itself purports to have 500 million “active users,”  so that means that every single person on the network has added $100 of value to the company. It is not a bad success for an idea that has spread virally with little advertising and self-promotion — but I wonder, has all of the advertising I have ever seen on the network over the past few years been worth $100 to social-media marketers on Facebook even though I have yet to click on any of the ads?
The continued private-investment also allows Facebook to remain wholly privately-owned  as well as independent of government regulation and public financial-reporting until — and if — the company ever has a public offering of stock. Essentially, that means the company can do practically whatever it wishes (within the confines of the law) — and I fear whether Facebook will still engage in questionable activities regarding user data . If consumers do not trust a media platform or publication, then it will be of little use to online marketers. It is one reason that Facebook has yet to be successful in Japan, where anonymity is prized , and perhaps another why the hype surrounding the social-media platform will fade .
LinkedIn Going Public?
LinkedIn, a site geared towards professionals rather than the general public, is reportedly going to offer stock later this year, according to the New York Times.
Good luck to them! Personally, I am spending more time on LinkedIn and less on Facebook. From a business standpoint, my social-media marketing on Facebook and Twitter is 90% automatic — in a non-spam way, of course — so I need to spend less time on each. (And I can also help your website to do the same.) So now, I find more value with my limited time by connecting with other SEO and online-marketing experts in the field. I can learn more tips, share advice, and gain more clients. I do not know if anyone else has had success in this capacity on Facebook, but LinkedIn seems to be far better.
And from a personal standpoint, I am growing increasingly tired of having to manage my Facebook account — I need to check notifications; respond to Facebook messages and e-mail messages; see how friends are tagging me in notes and photos; respond to event invitations; and so on. It grows tiresome, and Facebook increasingly seems to suck more and more my time into a black hole of uselessness from a personal standpoint (though SMM is still very useful to businesses).
If I want to interact with my real friends in real life, I’ll just call or e-mail them. As much as I love Internet marketing, I don’t want to spend every minute on the computer.
Anyone else feel the same way?

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