Friday, 14 October 2011

Today’s SEO Climate: The Panda Update and Article Marketing

It is no secret that Google has recently updated their search algorithm. Some Google engineer decided to call it a Panda, not sure why, but there is a name for it, it seems more accurate, and updating the farmer. The algorithm can be referred to as farmer update because Google about intentions were to the value of the "link juice" or the transfer of power, based on link farms.

If you are not familiar with link farms, Web page, is usually required to pay, and put a link to your website with the anchor text of your choice. Let’s say your site is targeting Pink Socks, would have to pay $ 5 to have a link with anchor text is best, Pink Socks "or whatever keywords are accurate targeting. The face of it is not like the practice to stop. But the problem with this Web site is that they don't does not require a value for users. There is no point to their existence, except for change as Google rank different Web pages in the SERP. Google does not like to be played with, and do nothing they don't, as a quick way to get de-indexed, or in this case written down. The fundamental objective of the last update was on every herb useless, or the Web page that Google considers it unnecessary to provide a better user experience when searching on the Internet. The problem is that you update the achievement of the objectives is for? The answer is complex and in some areas the update seemed to work fine, and the other was not.

The update went live has done many legitimate site is a serious blow. Top 5 a place for their own target keywords that are pages of 50 or more seats. Some Web pages, targeted keywords is completely lost. When this version of the Google Updater, just a little Collateral damage pandas in terms of. And who will make decisions that Google still? But how this is happening and why it still begs the question as it was.

In the example the thief is not very smart and not put links to their website. Oddly enough, this happen so much as an instrument of this kind of spam; many can understand how to use it correctly. But the results are very similar, if someone stole content to thousands of spam folders and use the text links and their anchor.  At this time, Articles available on the website you are on the thousands of others in the same form, which of course Google any money that you receive are worth having an article on your site, but Sad to say that anyone can easily use the website and your work received by Google.

SEO climate change should be aware with Google in "Upgrading from Panda", or you will quickly fall behind your competition. They say content is King.


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