Friday, 14 October 2011

Another SEO for Firefox Update

I just updated SEO for Firefox again. Now it numbers the search results, and it allows you to sort the results by any of the selected variables. I didn't want the sorting to be obtrusive, so you have to right click on the search results, scroll over SEO for Firefox, then scroll over sort on the submenu and click the variable you want to sort by. The sorting works best at digging deeply if you have your results set to show 100 search results per page. To show 100 search results on Google you would add &num=100 to the address bar of the search result.
A few ways to use the sort feature:
  • find the most recently cached pages
  • find the oldest sites for purchasing advertising on them
  • find the most important internal pages on a site to get a link from. For example, search for topic, and sort by PageRank, .edu page links, etc.
  • etc etc etc