On Page Optimization

On page optimization is the process by which various elements on an individual web page are structured so that the web page can be found by the search engines for specific keywords or keyword phrases. It is a practice of optimizing your web pages that are visible to search engines robots and real visitors.
On-page optimization includes Choosing right domain name, Creation of Title tags, Creation of Optimized Meta Tags, Robots.txt creation, Hyperlink optimization, Internal linking, Heading Tags Optimization, SEO Copywriting, Images Optimization etc..
Even if your website looks good to a human, search engines rule the Internet. We need to give search engines the right clues to help them understand what your website is about and what types of people should find your website. We need to make sure to use the right keywords in the page content. Page title needs to be short and use the right keywords. We need to use the same keywords in the H1, H2 and H3 tags on the page as well, and if you can put the keywords into the URL, even better. Rub The Web do like this.
Getting a good ranking in a search engine hasn’t been the easiest thing for many. Search engines are getting more smarter & intelligent everyday, so now it takes more than just good content to top competitors. On page optimization is one of the very first step of SEO. Proper on-page optimization for your website, you can not only rank well in a search engine but also can increase the overall readability of your website for your visitors. It increases the overall CTR (Click-Through Rate) ratio.

Domain Name

Correct domain name will make the SEO work lot easier as search engines will recognize the site as content related if the name is related. If you are giving Rub The Web a SEO project before registering the domain, we will help you make the name as this is the part of the SEO.

Site Structure

Developing the structure of your website is a very important step in its overall optimization. The site structure will dictate how the spiders read the site, what information they gather, what content holds the most weight, how much useless code they must weed through and more. Rub The Web will structure your website to appeal to the visitor and the spiders. Site is developed in such a way that codes should be spider friendly to crawl. Rub The Web makes pages short in size. We Place most important keywords and phrases in title, heading and strong tags. Rub The SEO Hunts Service minimize JavaScript, Flash, sound, etc. as these are not fully and efficiently recognized by search engines. Quality text content is much more important for Rub The Web to put you top in SEO. Rub The SEO Hunts Service try to eliminate irrelevant content and duplicate content and make high quality content. Rub The SEO Hunts Service do the structure so as that all important pages including home page are linked from every page in the site as text links. Rub The SEO Hunts structure the pages so that maximum weight is given to the keyword that is most important. SEO Service won't use pop ups as this penalized by Google heavily.

Title Tags Optimization

A site’s title tag is by far the most important on-page optimization element. A title tag should be short but descriptive enough with the keywords merged correctly. There is a large talk that Title tag is the first thing that is shown & indexed by the search engines. Rub The Web too think so. So naturally it is given a very high importance out of thousands results that a searcher sees, your site’s title has to be appealing enough for him to want to find out more information. On the other hand, your title has to be appealing enough to the search engine in order to rank you above thousands of other similar websites. The PAGE TITLE displays at the top of your websites page and offers the user and search engines a brief and short synopsis of what each website page is about. It is the most important element of your Meta tags and one of the most important elements in website optimization.
 Important things to include in the title:
Business Name : This is very important for branding propose. If you feel that your customers may search you by your brand name than it’s also useful to put it somewhere in the title.
Keywords: Main keyword for the page should be included in the title tag so as to get maximum optimization for that keyword.

Content optimization

There are aspects of the optimization process that gain and lose importance. Content optimization is no exception to this. Through the many algorithm changes that take place each year, the weight given to the content on your pages rises and falls. Currently incoming links appear to supply greater advantage than well-written and optimized content. The goal for anyone following this series is to build and optimize a website that will rank well on the major search engines and, more difficult and far more important, hold those rankings through changes in the search engine algorithms. While currently having a bunch of incoming links from high Page Rank sites will do well for you on Google you must consider what will happen to your rankings when the weight given to incoming links drops, or how your website fares on search engines other than Google that don't place the same emphasis on incoming links. While there are many characteristics of your content that are in the algorithmic calculations, there are a few that consistently hold relatively high priority and thus will be the focus of this article. These are:
  • Heading Tags
  • Special Text (bold, colored, etc.)
  • Inline Text Links
  • Keyword Density

Meta Tags Optimization

A site’s Meta tags may not be as important as it used to be before. But Rub The Web found that it is useful Following are the important meta tags
  • Description
  • Key phrases
  • Robots.txt


Heading tags, Anchor text is also having important role. Bold, italics, font etc are other HTML tags

Alt Tags

Alt tag (also referred to as image tag) is textual information related to a graphic image to indicate its relevancy and avoid indexing problems. The thing is that search engines don’t perceive websites the way we do. They cannot read images, that’s why it is important to use ALT tags to tell the search engine spiders what this or that picture is about. Basically an ALT tag is a name of a picture or graphic image.

Keyword Optimization

In the context of the Web, a keyword is a term that a person enters into a search engine to find specific information. Most people enter search phrases that consist of between two and five words. Such phrase s may be called search phrases, keyword phrases, query phrases, or just keywords, but they all mean the same thing. Your most important keywords are those best and most relevant search phrases you want your website to be found for on a search results page of your search engine. Good keyword phrases are specific and descriptive. It is better to have 100 highly-qualified visitors who find your site listed in Google under a particular search phrase than to have 1,000 visitors who find your site listed under a generic search phrase and then aren’t that interested in what you offer once they get to your site. Site’s content needs to be optimized in such a way that it can suit both search engines & your readers. Stuffing site with too many keywords can make your site unreadable. So you will need to have some sort of Research before deciding on keywords. Optimizing page with moderate keyword density. Using synonyms also helps.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the percentage of your total content that is made up of your targeted keywords. Rub The Web will determine it on the nature of study.

Internal Linking

To Ensure that your website gets properly spidered and that all pages are found by the search engines. By building the relevancy of a page to a keyword phrase increases the PageRank of an internal page.

Getting Website Spidered

Insuring that every page of website gets found by the search engine spiders is the basic thing to do for the rankings. It increases the number of key phrases that search engine can potentially rank. Actually keywords may be getting higher ranks at the pages other than home page. Also for a larger site these internal linking will boost the overall sites performance. Internal linking is possible through many methods. But text links are the best way.

Multiple key phrases can be targeted

Multiple key phrases can be targeted by splitting the target on different pages. The pages can be built in such a way that anchor text of the links to the page can be named after the keyword. Following are the best methods for internal linking.

Text Link Navigation

Most websites include some form of navigation on the left hand side. This makes it one of the first things read by a search engine spider. This is done so that search engine spiders make notice of these things first. Text link navigation should contain targeted keywords in the link.


Footers are useful for getting spiders through your site and the other points.

Inline text links

Internal text links are links placed within the content.

Image Optimization

Images are optimized by alt texts, file name, image title, image link.

Site Maps

Site maps are at the heart of Search Engine Friendly Design. They make it very quick and easy for the search engines to find and index every page on your web site by putting links to every page in one spot.


Robots.txt are files that helps search engines navigate through. When a search engine crawler comes to your site, it will look for a special file on your site. That file is called robots.txt and it tells the search engine spider, which Web pages of your site should be indexed and which Web pages should be ignored

Off-Page Optemization

Link Building Services

Simply put link building affects your PageRank on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista and others. Link building is one of the important SEO processes that require the use of competitive keywords.
As more search engines are relying on different off-page processes, Link building has become an essential process that aims at increasing your website rank in search engine results.

Link Building = Number of links your web site has = Adds Value + Impacts PageRank

Types Of Links

There are basically two types of links and they are:

Reciprocal Links
Reciprocal links can be used to establish link building from other websites to your website. Basically it involves trading of links with top ranking sites also known as partner sites. This is one of the fastest methods of establishing hundreds of links from other websites to your website.

One-way Links
This process is used for establishing only incoming links and is known as one-way link building or Non-Reciprocal link building. One-way linking works best if you have several websites that can be linked together.

In link Building, Quality Counts

Just because you can establish as many links as you want doesn't guarantee success. Success in link building depends on the quality of inbounds links or reciprocal links. At SEO Hunts, we will provide you with authentic links and not just any link from an unknown website. Hence, we guarantee you success!
We will provide link building to or from some of the top ranked websites. This will provide you with the following benefits:
  • Our link building process will help in increasing your web traffic immensely
  • We will initiate a process that will remarkably improve your website visibility in the top search engines
  • Above all, our link building packages can be created to suit your budget. We provide high quality-low cost-effective link building programs.
Link Building Packages

You have two options:
You can spend hours trying to get a link from a webmaster or LET US HANDLE IT!
We have a team of link building experts who can take care of inbound, outbound and reciprocal links for your website. We offer some of the best link building services in the industry and they have been tailor made for outsourcing to SEO, design or web-based companies, and can also be used for complementing your existing SEO processes.
Contact us to get some of our top link building packages

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking websites are becoming more and more popular. They allow you to save bookmarks online and Tag/Categorize them with keywords instead of saving them as bookmarks in the favorite’s list of your browser.
I have compiled a list of Social Bookmarking websites here from a number of sources for your use.
Visit some of the sites provided here. Create an account. Then bookmark interesting and useful things in the areas of your interest or expertise. By doing so you create a useful Feed. Once you’ve done that you intermittently, (or aggressively), add useful and interesting items, (perhaps also from your own content), that could use additional exposure.
Make an honest effort to contribute USEFUL information and links. This is all about sharing and exposure. Done properly, you can be as aggressive as you want to be about sharing information. You can share your blog(s), links to your informational/resource sites etc. Think about the fact that when you share links to other’s resources, you’re also effectively promoting their content as well.
The positive effects of social bookmarking for publishers of news sites, blogs and other web sites is outstanding. Social bookmarking can introduce the sites that you own or you like to others with relevant tastes, can drive traffic to your site, and valuable backlinks.
The positive effects of social bookmarking for publishers of news sites, blogs and other web sites is outstanding. Social bookmarking can introduce the sites that you own or you like to others with relevant tastes, can drive traffic to your site, and valuable backlinks.
Some social bookmark sites like pass on link juice, while some use the NoFollow attribute. But do not let the use of NoFollow fool you, the search engines are looking beyond the incoming links from social bookmarking sites to gauge their value to their search indexes. The external metadata compiled via user generated descriptions, tags, titles and categorization is incredibly valued by the search engines, as in the same philosophy as anchored backlinks, descriptive content about a web site defined by the users of that site who are not associated with the marketing or coding of that site, can be extremely powerful in gauging the importance and relevance of the content and tags which are used on that site.

Article Submission

Article submission is slowly becoming one of the critical components of SEO. A well written article with the right amount of keyword density will attract search engine spiders and thus increase your visibility on the web. At the end of the day, you will derive a dual benefit:
  • A good ROI
  • Constant targeted traffic
We at SEO Hunts offer both manual and automatic article submission services so that you can derive the dual benefits.
Article submission relevance has risen in popularity in the recent years for a couple of reasons. Keyword driven anchors, linking relevance and inbound link PageRank weighting all plays a role in this vital SEO technique. When you market an article to an external or internal page for ranking purposes, whether it be a topical hub or article directory, many facets of the article must be considered: where (what site) the article is submitted, where in the site (category relevance) it is submitted, what keywords are used, what anchor text is used and where it links to in your webpage. All of these factors can greatly increase or decrease ranking efficiency when you submit an article.

Loosely put, article submission is an Off Page factor where articles consisting of content related to your page are posted into other article submission pages. These can be blogs, forums and the like. If these pages have high PageRank, you can automatically create yourself an inbound link (One Way Link Building) from a page with a high PR. When looking to submit an article, you can create your own links back to your page by using keywords in your anchored text that correspond to the page you linking to. Make sure the article is relevant not only to your page, but to the section of the article site that you are submitting to. Some article directory submission sites are free (as more content helps their page build PageRank), and some which have a high PageRank actually charge a fee for article submission.

Where do I Submit my Article?

At SEO Hunts, we have implemented article submission as a key ingredient to our SEO formula. Istead of haphazardly marketing articles to a slough of low quality online article directories, we hand selct the websites and filter for only the highest criteria that will help your website rank better. Our ongoing research, live testing and networking give us multiple advantages. We know which article submission sites will increase ranking and conversely which ones may actually penalize your site. We have working relationships with some of the larger, more trusted pages where we can submit your articles. Further, we are aware of which article submission ‘pay’ sites are worth their weight and which are virtually useless. If you need assistance with article submission , feel free to contact us about your project here.

We have a dedicated team of professionals from the industry who have a clear understanding of SEO and who have the necessary experience regarding article submission in different directories. Our team will handle two different aspects of your requirement:
  • Editing your articles to make it as per the requirement of article submission directories
  • To provide services that include writing article, searching and including appropriate keywords, and finally submission.
For the latter, we will not charge you anything extra for research or for finding appropriate keywords. Our aim is to provide you with high visibility over the web so that you can always keep a step ahead of competition.
We offer manual submissions, which can be time consuming but we have a dedicated team to take care of the submissions. The main reason behind manual submissions is the fact that some websites require us to create userid and password to initiate the opening of an account for article submission purposes. We can create a unique id for you or your company and submit article on behalf of you and also change the articles based on the different formats required by each submission directory.

Social Profile Building

Sounds easy enough, right? After all, there are more than a couple of social media sites to choose from. The question is, are they strong enough to be built up to the first page and maintain rank? Are they powerful enough to do what online reputation management (ORM) combined with search engine optimization (SEO) is often meant for, namely to keep a bad review, lawsuit filing, or anti-fan site off the first page where the majority of searchers get their first impressions?
It’s safe to say that the higher a social profile ranks on its own accord (without any link-building), the better chance it has of staying on the first page with link-building. So which are the social profiles that rank well without help? Let check.
The idea was to see how profiles would perform in their naturally competitive environments, not to normalize the profiles and make some statistical inference. A name with high search volume, for example, is likely going to be associated with profiles getting a larger number of natural occurring backlinks, whereas a name on the low end would not. So if you’re dealing with a case on either end of the spectrum, you’ll generally end up with most names receiving the same level of natural linkage as others around their same search volume.
Normalizing and taking a much larger sample sounds like something that would be valuable and I’ll leave that to the SEO theorists. :)
The overview above shows the major disparity between sites like Facebook or Twitter and the “other” profile sites (which still have millions of users in some cases), but there are also bright spots, as I saw in the broader array of data not shown. Up until search volumes reach 1,000 for a particular name, the frequency of these “other” lesser social profile sites is actually very high. After 1,000 searches, the big boys like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Myspace are nearly the only social profiles to be found on the first three pages of search results
The great thing is, you’ve got plenty of options for social profile building and subsequent link building if the search volumes you’re dealing with are low. (Can I just say how much I would love to make an ORM strategy that includes a profile for the client? Talk about ORM wizardry!)  The point is to not waste your time with the smaller profile sites if search volumes are high because the competitiveness is often just as high and you won’t get any return on a smaller profile.

Directory Submission

The Internet is one of the most competitive business environments today. It is a dynamic platform, where even the smallest change can affect your business growth. There are different processes implemented by most businesses and e-commerce websites to drive targeted traffic or potential customers who will help in generating revenue
Directory submission has no doubt become an important Off Page factor. Submitting your page to a web site directory can garner you trusted, weighted links and give people another avenue in which to enter your site. Because of the popularity of directory submission, it is becoming increasingly important to know which web site directory or directories to submit to. Someone who randomly submits their site to ‘as many directories as possible’ will find that their efforts usually cancel themselves out. This is because the major search engines can actually penalize you for submitting to certain directories.
Over the years, SEO Hunts has gained incredible experience in directory submission, creating business relationships with some of the major trusted directories thereby capitalizing on this technique with virtually zero penalization. Knowing which web site directory to submit to is crucial.

SEO Hunts also owns websites which are submitted to strategically grouped web site directories for research and analysis – when a directories credibility goes down and rankings are effected, we simply remove our clients from those directories and as a result get optimum efficiency from our directory submission strategy.

If you would like to know more about our directory submission service or have questions about your project, click here to contact us.

We offer all types of services for enhancing your website visibility and this includes directory submissions. We offer both customized directory submission and pre-configured directory submission packages to increase your website popularity and help you to generate revenue.

Why Us?

We offer you some of the best services in the SEO industry at competitive prices. Here are some reasons, which make us a popular directory submission company:
  • We offer relevant, permanent, link building
  • We ensure that you get quality links from some of the top websites
  • Our directory submission services are considered as one of the most effective link building method in the industry
  • We build link popularity using manual and rotating submission process.
  • Our directory submission package includes submission to the top SEO friendly directories.
  • We don’t encourage the use of 'no index' tags, and 'no follow' tags, or even 302 directs.
  • We offer manual submission. We have a team of experts who will work round the clock to ensure high quality directory submission.
  • We offer some of the cheapest rates in the industry.
  • We provide directory submission reports, which you can order weekly or monthly
  • We don’t make blind submissions.
  • We ensure that all submissions are made to only those directories, which have a faster review time.
  • We offer a competitively priced package for bulk orders (Min. 10 site submission)

Press Release Submission

Who doesn't want publicity!

There are different means of deriving publicity but one of the most effective medium offline and online is through press releases. But it is never easy to write a press release. There are different components or elements that form a part of a press release and they are:

This is right at the top and is used for grabbing attention. It is also considered as a news summary.

This is an important aspect of any press release and it displays the date of release and the city of origin of the press release.

This is the first paragraph that provides a basic overview covering who, what, when, where and why.

This is the main content of a press release and provides information, statistics, and other details regarding the news.

This is a small "about us" section, where information of the company, the individual is provided.

This is the final piece in a press release and includes media contact information

Benefits of a Press Release

Press release is far more credible than most of the other methods of advertising. A press release as opposed to an advertisement is more in-depth, informative and precise.
A well-written press release will ensure that your website can get the right traffic and help in generating revenue.Simultaneously, it will also provide enough exposure to increase your website visibility.
A press release can build credibility like no other advertising medium.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

At SEO Hunts, we offer press release writing and distribution services. Alongwith the very important elements of press release writing, we also offer you evaluation, targeting and measurement of the impact of the press release.
We have an experienced team from the media industry who has the necessary expertise in writing and distribution of press releases. Our team can distribute your organization news through immaculately written press releases to individual journalists as well as key business investors and a large scale audience.
Contact us about the benefits we offer in press release writing and distribution.
We have different types of press release writing and distribution packages and each of them can be customized to suit your requirements first!
A basic press release writing and distribution package starts at $100 where your press release will be distributed to all the top targeted channels.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization...Boosting your Brand Image and Popularity

Social Media Optimization is the newest optimizing technique that is based on participations of users and social mediums. Via social media optimization, your brand gets much more exposure and interactions with the target and potential customers or communities. In this way, your website directly reaches to the customers.
Social Media Marketing makes sure that your brand gets the maximal social networking and media search results or SERP. SMO makes your website much more visible, well known and establishes your distinct brand. The best thing is that you are always connected with the customers whose feedback will let you shape your business to the perfection.
Does my website need Social Media Optimization? Yes, if your site:
  • Looks Good but no one knows about it
  • Does not have ample marketing and visibility
  • Low Search Engine Ranking
  • Has lesser Internet Traffic
  • Conversion Ratio is pretty less
  • Does not engage the visitors
Connect With Your Customers With Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media is an exciting world, where you can interact directly with communities who touch your brand.
  • You can benefit from genuine two-way conversations with customers, clients and people who influence how your products and services are seen.
  • You can encourage valuable links back to your site from respected communities.
  • You can actually harness the most powerful business tool of all – personal recommendation.
SEO Hunts can help you to develop practical strategies that fit comfortably with your target audiences and their perception of your brand. We can help you to encourage positive reviews, and generate valuable user-generated content on your site.
We can introduce to the world of blogging, podcasts, vodcasts and tweets. We can help your brand make the most of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. We could help your brand to enjoy positive exposure on Flickr and YouTube, help you create your own wicki, or develop widgets – all the time ensuring that your activity has the necessary integrity it needs.
Google and other search engines are putting more and more emphasis on user generated referrals and ratings, topical content and real-time posts. Be part of it – get in touch with our Social Media team today