Sunday, 18 December 2011

SEO with Rich Content and Backlinks

Simply put, backlinks are the references to a webpage from another relevant and popular website. Suppose you own a website with lot of data on online games. If the information given in your website is good and original, other popular gaming websites or any sites with such details would probably give a link to your website. This inturn generates traffic to your site and the page rank should considerable increase. Backlinks are also a widely used method for search engine optimization. Rather than having an exchange of links, its always better to have one way backlinks. As it convinces the credibility of your content from the search engine perspective.
Fresh and Relevant Content
The probability of finding a website increases when it is updated frequently with fresh and relevant information. There is a program called web spider, which is responsible for finding the relevant sites as per user’s choices. This web spider will find your site when it is updated with latest data. The data has to be original and relevant too. The page title and the tags used also should be specific to the content.
Thus these factors forms the back bone of the search engine optimization (SEO). Keeping them in mind, one should optimize the site with due importance for end user’s needs as well. Delivering quality results for the users also plays a larger role. Afterall that is what users and web spiders are looking for.


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