Sunday, 18 December 2011

Will the Good Content Writers Replace the Need for Tailored SEO Programs?

Providing the most tailored search engine optimization programs might be the main mission of a successful seo agency, but with so many companies describing their services as tailored, the word is becoming a cheesy catch-all phrase that people with an online presence are going to stop taking so seriously. Some recent blogs have been commenting on the possibility of people ditching the seo agency for a good content writer.
When you think about it, if the writing on blogs is well-researched, has great personality, and attracts a distinguishable audience consistently, then there really is no need for tailored search engine optimization servicing. Employing a seasoned web-content writer, who produces the ideal traffic flow to your website, might just be that much easier than scoping out the seo services you need and finding a reputable company charging a reasonable price point.
The richest seo content writer will consistently help establish authority and a memorable image for almost any website. Increased traffic because of good content on a website could very well be much more rewarding than increased web traffic because of figuring out the right mix of seo servicing. Some seo agency content writing companies out there even provide blog management services, where one the company works for your website to recruit one good writer to write blogs that give your website a consistent voice.
Since seo content writing companies employ bloggers that are usually considered ghost writers, you the blogger or company will own all the writing—written content the company produces for you. Some companies give you the option of supplying them a list of topics, titles, hypertext, etc, for the writers to use or the company can facilitate those on your behalf. When they facilitate on your behalf, it takes some of the leg work out of figuring out what your website’s content will consist of most.
Increased readership to your website through the recruitment of a good seo content writer might just be the turning point for the most technologically savvy-minded people to curb their reliance on traditional seo agencies. At least until another shift in search engine optimization tools takes the world by storm.


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