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Manual Submission Or Auto Submission Tools – What a professional search engine optimization company will choose

SEO companyAuto submission tools might look attractive but a professional search engine optimization company would always prefer manual submission. And there are several reasons behind this. A professional SEO company knows how search engines work and what works best when it comes to improve ranking.

Search engines never support artificial link building techniques; automated submission to general web directories, article directories, social bookmarking websites etc. can raise the alarm as they submit your website to hundreds of websites in few minutes. Sudden increase in number of backlinks might raise the red flag.

Link building campaigns are not bad; links are always essential and links will not lose its importance as long as text based search engines are there. But thoughtful manual submission adds more value to your link building efforts than automated submission. Let’s see how; let’s discuss this in the lights of different types of submission works anIndian SEO company needs to do to improve the rankings of a website.

1. Directory Submission:

Directory submission is one of the oldest and widely used ways of increasing back link base of a website. When you submit your website to a directory, an editor reviews the submission and approves it before it starts showing on the directory.
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There are many factors involved in directory submission; these factors need manual inspection such as: choosing the right category, filling out the captcha, email confirmation, checking the editorial guidelines etc. It is not easy for any software to complete all these things without any manual intervention. And if the software fails to complete the steps, chances of getting the website listed in the directory are less.

And if the software manages to submit to few places, there is a risk of getting caught by the search engines as there will be a sudden increase in the number of backlinks.

2. Article Submission:

This is another task that a lot of people try to automate. But a professional search engine optimization companywould not agree to go with the automated tools. Many article directories do not accept automated submission so the software would fail to submit there. Moreover, it is impossible for a tool to understand whether the directory allows hyperlinks in articles, how many links it allows in the article body and other editorial guidelines. If nobody is watching or checking these factors, the automated tool will simply fail to
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Auto Submission = Spamming = Google Slap

And if it manages to submit, there will be again the risk of getting caught by the search engines for the same reason – sudden increase in the number of backlinks; hundred links to your website in few minutes!

3. Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking helps to get one way links to your website and popularity in the social sphere as well. The automated submission may not work, rather do harm to your website, for the same reason. Bookmarking websites may not accept automated submission; and thousand links from social bookmarking websites in just few minutes is not something search engines would like. Hence, a professional SEO company would never recommend this.

Manual submission is always preferred over automated submission; professional search engine optimization company in India or anywhere else will always vote for manual submission.

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