Sunday, 18 December 2011

How To Write SEO Article

To write a good seo article you simply need to include that keyword in the title, throughout the body, keyword or tags, and if you’re submitting to article directories you want to include it in the author resource box. That’s the ultimate basics. You want to include that keyword phrase once or twice with every paragraph you write. There is a keyword threshold where if you do to many keywords, it will actually hurt your rankings.
The next thing you do to write a good seo article is include a few variations of that keyword phrase within the body. Use it in your headings to introduce your next paragraph. So you would simply do three or four different headers above paragraphs which include the that keyword phrase. You want to use a H1, H2, and an H3 tag. You also want to use your keyword phrase in bold, italics, underline and also have an internal link. The easiest way to do this is to just link back to the article your writing now.
Is your head spinning yet? It’s okay, we’re almost done. A few final pieces left to writing seo articles is to include include the keyword phrase in the first and last sentence in the article. The final component is to include an image that has alt text with that keyword phrase. In this case I would select an image that relates to the article and put seo articles in the alt text.

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