Sunday, 18 December 2011

Meta Title and Description

A Meta Title must not exceed 64 characters (including spaces) and MUST include the main keyword or keywords with modifiers if possible. The main keyword needs to appear at the beginning of the title.
A Meta Description must not exceed 150 characters (including spaces) and should use as many keywords as possible, including those used in the Meta Title. Do not repeat more than twice on the same keyword on the Meta title.
Titles (H1 and H2)
H1 is the main title of the page. Title length should not exceed 68 characters including spaces. It must include the main keywords and must be different from the Meta Title. H2 is a secondary – smaller – title. You may use as many H2 as you need on a given page and they should incorporate keywords and be relevant to the text in the paragraph below them.
Text Length
If text length is defined by characters it should be calculated including spaces. If it is defined by words, keep in mind that it is not crucial if the text is slightly longer or slightly shorter. Just maintain a good or moderates text length in your writing. Remember that you are not just writing for search engine alone. It is human being that will read your article in the end

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