Sunday, 18 December 2011

Top 5 Most Popular Topics Searched On Google

Understanding what people are searching for while browsing the Internet can have a huge impact on how you conduct your business, no matter if you’re marketing a specific product or if you’re an affiliate marketer. In the early days of the Internet, finding out what was on everyone’s minds when they visited Google required a lot of guesswork. Thankfully, Google knows that its business model relies on knowing trends just as well as others, so Google Trends can provide a good insight into what people are interested in.
The bad news is that trends change from day-to-day, depending on what’s happening in the world. While trends change each day, the service can still help you find out what people are interested in by lumping them into specific categories, instead of taking each search term at face value. When grouping search terms into topics, we can paint an accurate picture of what people are most interested in over a specific time period.

1. Technology

By and far, the most searched for terms over a six month period for Google users have been technology related, according to Trends. Keywords that are at the top of this topic include iPhone 5, Android, iPhone 4s, iPad, and Motorola Xoom. These are all devices that have set technological trends within the past year and continue to do so. Over the next few years, this trend is likely to rise as our dependency on technology increases.

2. World Events

World events is such a broad category, but often people who don’t have a dedicated news site they trust simply type in a search term into Google in order to confirm it. Good examples of this recently are the trends for “Steve Jobs dead” and “Steve Jobs death” from October 6th and onward. It was announced late on October 5th that Mr. Jobs had passed away and the results for October 6th reflect the world learning of this. The same can be said for Google search results when Osama bin Laden was announced dead earlier this year.

3. Celebrities

Celebrity news falls within the world events topic but it is something of its own as well. Recent examples of celebrities in the news include Charlie Sheen’s spiral into drug use and the death of Amy Winehouse. On days when these events were covered heavily in the media, searches for these terms topped the list for Google Trends.

4. Sports & National Events

Sporting events such as the start of baseball and football season and the World Series and Superbowl always draw massive searches related to the content. Other events include the MTV Music Awards, The Academy Awards, and the Grammy Awards. On days after these events, their search relevance is increased nearly ten fold.

5. Regional Results

While not as popular as some of the major searches that make their way through Google’s servers, Trends allows you to see searches according to region or country. Often things that take precedent in a country are at the forefront of search terms than the rest of the world. A good example of this is the recent London riots that lasted for nearly a week in the UK.

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