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Common Link Building Errors Shunned By SEO Company in India

Making errors in link building is a common practice in the SEO world; however, with the changing time, SEO Company India is increasingly getting educated about the correct link building procedures. Let us have a look at some common errors which, though used now, must be avoided by the SEO specialist for effective result:
Exchange of Mass Link
Exchanging link with hundred of different websites which give you a back link isn’t a good practice, though it is sometimes preferred by an SEO company. They tend to create pages with innumerable outbound links, some of which may not contain useful resource and can only expect links of similar category and quality in return.

Uneven Link Velocity
It is hard to control link velocity, as it isn’t just you who is exchanging links. Though you should avoid mass link building at some times, you shouldn’t stop once you have started. Some firms hire an SEO Company to keep the link exchange work going, but if they stop the process for a while, their page rank and traffic will fall increasingly.

Using Excessive Exact Anchors
Using keywords in a link is a natural process; however, you must focus on keeping one anchor with the main phrase. Your anchor may vary in hundred ways, but make sure you use a URL or keywords for link diversity.

Link Buying
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Although incorrect, link buying is commonly practiced in the world of link building. You needn’t necessarily shun link buying process. But try and buy quality links. Check the quality of the page, website and number of outgoing links before you buy link from a particular website.
Avoiding Social Media
Quite often SEO specialist thinks the social media links to be a no follow and avoid using them for link building. A leading SEO Company in India understands the important of building links from a social media site. They believe that most social media platforms are a grand board for link exchange and building because of their pool of innumerable connections.
Avoid Checking the Link Building Website
One common mistake that one makes is not checking the website from where the link has been taken. A website’s quality can’t be judged from its page rank. Before building links with a site, one must check for its social presence, indexed pages and whether or not the site is a link seller.

Ignoring Link Exchange
Not making mass link exchange doesn’t mean an SEO Company India doesn’t practice link exchange at all. Sometimes by exchanging links, you get a highly useful link from a quality website which drives in direct traffic to your site.

Overlooking Image Linking
Image linking isn’t useless as thought by many. Most people prefer linking anchor text for high ranking, but image linking work wonders at building brand presence.
Avoiding Proper Research Process
Don’t avoid making proper research on the links before you go for it. Quite often you don’t take action even after making research on some links and avoid taking them. This is because you might be thinking that getting those links is hard, but you must remember that those are some good links which can help you get an edge over your competitors.

Only Opting for Do Follow Links
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An SEO Company India understands the nitty-gritty of link building services. Some believe that a nofollow link is not useful; however, no follow links often come with lots of link diversity. Instead of viewing at the nofollow link from the perspective of a search engine, it is always better to analyze the vitality of the link in question and whether it would be useful at directing traffic or building a brand presence.

Preferring Single Type of Link
Some companies prefer single type of link and do not look for diversity. However, they need to understand that sticking to one sort of link for link building isn’t a healthy practice. Here, a SEO Company, India can guide you properly by helping your exchange links of various types each of which can help you in a unique way.

Only Linking to Homepage
Your homepage is undoubtedly the face of your website, but linking to homepage is an old SEO practice. Only linking to homepage doesn’t mean you neglect deep linking which is equally significant for backing up some of the internal pages of the site. In fact internal linking improves your site’s page rank by drawing greater traffic to the different pages of your site and benefiting you with increased conversion.
A leading on page SEO & off page SEO service provider  in India usually avoids making these common mistakes during link building. They target the right audience and right market with an intention to exchange some quality links with reputed sites. To achieve best result, one must avoid the above stated mistakes to ensure high ranking and greater conversion.


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