Sunday, 18 December 2011

Unveil the Power of SEO Friendly URLs

Each SEO has its own tactics to follow when it comes about optimizing URLs to SEO friendly URLs. There are many blog posts that talk about how to optimize URLs to make them search engine friendly. Optimizing URLs can be of greater use to rank a website in top notch results of search monsters which gives you more and more benefit. However, today in my SEO tips, there are some points to remember that will unveil the true power of SEO friendly URLs in the internet marketing world.SEO Friendly URL StructureRisk is Good but Excessive is Dangerous
Taking risks is what a true SEO must do because without taking risks one cannot find the right URL to optimize which can help in getting ranks in SERPs. The biggest question yet to answer is when should you change your site URLs? So, the answer is, ALWAYS! Yes, it is a must to retain your URLs in a well-structured way for Bots to read easily.
SEO Tip on Dynamic URLs
The purpose of using dynamic URLs is to give your website a directory structure and using keywords or appropriate names for the URLs for the Bots to read and rank the website accordingly. A good URL is must possess few features mentioned below:
  • Relevant Keywords
  • User and SEO Friendly Structure
  • Short Tail Keywords
Definition of friendly URL
We all make friends and we love them to be around us. Same is the case with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing who love friendly URLs to crawl.
How to create SEO friendly URLs:
It’s really so simple believe me. All you need to do it to open the administration panel of the website, go to the system configuration, and finally friendly URL settings. In the URL settings, you have to activate the SEO friendly URL or select “friendly extension to choose from” to optimize and write the URL yourself. The URL may now me optimized according to the website structure and keywords can easily be added in the URLs.
Incomplete URLs Or Unstructured URLs:
Each site has its own structure and is built differently that’s the reason why people prefer to have that URL which matches their site URL. The right URL is that which is according to your site’s structure and which looks better and which can be long.
Are Long Tail URLs A Better Choice?SEO Friendly URLs
In general if we evaluate, a URL can be as long as it could be depending upon the technical needs but in search engine rankings, it might have a different theory to target. Here it’s important to mention that some servers have their own limits but some don’t have.
Drawbacks of long tail URLs:
  • They are very difficult to remember
  • Search engines shortens them while displaying in search results
  • Social media applications sometimes cut them off as well
It is preferable to use short tail SEO friendly URLs so that your website is as easy as piece of cake for search bots to crawl and read the whole website, index it and rank them according to the keywords being used.

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