Sunday, 18 December 2011

SEO and Keyword Density

SEO is the crux for deriving traffic to a webpage or a website. As the name indicates, SEO relies on optimizing certain aspects of a webpage such that it appears in the top listings of the search engines when someone triggers a search.
Keyword density plays a very important role in search engine optimization. Lets briefly account for the keyword density factor that affect the page rank for SEO.
Keyword Density
Keyword is the word or a phrase that is most widely used or searched by the users. It is something on which users would like to perform a search. It can be a single word or multiple phrases. Earlier, this trick of keyword was abused, and irrelevant sites too started getting placed with high page ranks by simply stuffing the keywords in their text. Hence the search engine’s search algorithm too has been changed and now the search results does not solely depend on keyword factor. Nevertheless, its ideal to use the appropriate keywords in the webpage or text more than twice as long as it leave the chances for spamming. There are free to use keyword suggestion tools available online. Google’s Adwords Keyword tool and the WordTracker are some of them.

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