Sunday, 18 December 2011

New Google algorithm update- a boon for all SEO company in India

SEO Company in India
Here’s great news for the SEO Company in India who are counting their success on freshness! Shortly after the release of Google Panda 2.5 and Google Vince 2.0, it is now time that the cyberspace experience the effectiveness of the newly launched Google Algorithm named as Caffeine Web Indexing System this November 2011. The recent update made by Google is considered a ‘remarkable improvement’ to its algorithm ranking. Going by the reports of Google, the Caffeine Web Indexing System is going to impact more than 35% of all the searches. Of course, this new update is going to benefit many SEO company India to get higher web rankings purely because they post fresh/new content in their websites regularly.
It is specifically formulated to drive latest search results at the top position. This latest version of Google Algorithm will keep you in the golden pot if you are running a blog and regularly update it with the newest news, events and software. Soon you will realize your blog is receiving outstanding web traffic! Indian SEO Company can reap full advantage of this vital change in the algorithm of Google. This is a great chance for them since they  can grow and expand their business boundaries by making the most out of Caffeine. Indian SEO Company is planning to leverage clients worldwide based on this unique up-gradation presented by Google.
Fast Facts about Google’s Caffeine Web Indexing System
  • Caffeine is going to index web-pages on a grand scale that is going to be a boon to the SEO company in India
  • Caffeine can process hundreds and thousands of web pages correspondingly
  • Under a single database, Caffeine acquires around 100 million gigabyte storage space
  • At a rate of hundreds and thousands of gigabytes, Caffeine adds information to the search results
  • A comprehensive and faster search engine that delivers only relevant results saving the SEO company in India from putting extra effort
    SEO company India
    Fresh Content is preferred for a search result
Caffeine Web Indexing System-know its core purpose
In an attempt to enhance the performance levels as well as indexing algorithm of the Google Search Engine, the latest Caffeine Web Indexing System is employed by most of the SEO Company India. Caffeine lets them to crawl and index the web for showing the current content quickly on a huge scale. The prime goal behind this recent Caffeine update is to make search results as fresh as possible. It will bring only those web pages which are of high quality, many of them can also be minute old posts enabling the SEO company India accomplish their tasks efficiently!
Due to this significant change in Caffeine, Google will also present the most recent results about the ongoing events for instance- the latest news or buzz about the Fear Factor series. Being topical, the new version of Caffeine is pretty safe to use and whatever social media or SEO efforts put on by the SEO company India, be it through press releases, blog posts, social media updates or any other content, better ranks can be expected. As per Google, the following 3 types of search will affect the search engine results:-
  • Search made by the Indian SEO company on frequent updates
  • Search regarding daily recurring events
  • Search related to buzzing topics or hot events
Why SEO companies in India prefer employing Caffeine Web Indexing Systems into their SEO strategy?
Since Caffeine makes available 50% fresh results in the search results as compared to Google’s last index, Indian SEO Company considers it the most preferred indexing systems for successfully accomplishing SEO tasks. Moreover all, it is the biggest web content collection that Google has offered till date. Now, news stories, forum or blog posts can be easily and quickly found in the web through relevant links by the SEO Company India.

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