Sunday, 18 December 2011

Face book Fan page SEO Tips by Professional SEO Company in India

seo company india facebookThere’s no better place to promote your online business than the online medium. Gain ultimate exposure while targeting niche audiences with the latest of tools and techniques of web marketing. These days, almost all online businesses make it a point to create their own Face book fan page. Make sure that your fan page is contributing to your online marketing goals and if not then follow these unique tricks to bring your Face book fan page in greater view over the online medium. The top SEO company in India has developed a set of SEO tips for Face book fan page:-
  • According to the leading SEO Company India, be very careful in picking an apt name for the Face book page. This is a part of on page seo for your Facebook fan page. While a lot of people may feel to stuff their Face book title with loads of online marketing keywords, hold on before you do so because it will only make things worse. For fan pages which sound too much generic like spam are likely to receive less attention on Face book. Additionally, Face book is known to disrupt fan page updates which fall under the generic category. Therefore, the SEO Company in India prefers to follow the rule of using only the original business name in the Face book fan page instead of some shady names.
  • Incorporate keywords in the ‘About’ section of the Face book fan page. A professional SEO company puts great emphasis on placing relevant keywords across the content, particularly at the very beginning of the write-up.
  • A professional SEO company will customize the profile URL of your Face book fan page with your company name or a relevant keyword. Make sure to have at least 25 fans from your profile.on page seo facebook
  • The ‘General Information’ section of your Face book fan page is a vast pool where SEO Company puts loads of relevant keywords for attaining desired results. Additionally, if the address field is filled with information, it is going to help your local SEO.
  • On a Face book fan page, on right side there is a text box which must include effective messages for the visitors. A professional Indian SEO company prefers to have an attractive piece of message on it to achieve higher fan page SEO and indexing online.
  • The Info tab on a Face book fan page can be used to include information and links about your company business and website such as year of establishment, business profile description and products and services, etc.
  • To pep up you Face book fan page’s over all look, a professional Indian SEO company can also market the web content by adding elements of interest like a discussion forum with information about the latest events, news, photos, etc. Captions should always be included when uploading photos. Such a setting opens a great interactive platform between the business and the potential clients.
  • An Indian SEO services company also suggests updating the Face book fan page regularly with the latest ins and outs of the company. For this the SEO services company recommends giving pure updates with keywords and not just fluffy stuffs.

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