Sunday, 27 January 2013

Universal SEO Tips for Google

As you are all well aware of the fact that Google changes its policies after every few months and after that you are able to see a number of changes in the website page rankings. The people who have done black SEO have to go down in the rankings and the White hat SEO websites stay on the top. But if you check the policies you will come to know that although every policy changes but some of the things about SEO remain the same. So here are those Universal SEO Tips for Google that remain the same every time there are changes in the policy.

Unique Content for the article:

While writing the article for your website you have to assure that you are writing a unique article. It must not be copied from any other website otherwise Google will consider it a black hat SEO and will probably lower down the page rank of your website. Other than that you have to assure that the content must be of high quality.

Keep updating the website:

The next thing is the daily updating of your website. It is very necessary that you write 2 to 3 articles daily for your website so that it keeps on indexing the pages in the Google and the other search engines and the page rank of your website is increased.


While writing the article makes sure that you focus on 1 keyword on 1 page. More than 1 keyword will make a fuss in the content and will also be considered as a black hat SEO.

User Friendly Content:

While writing the content it is very necessary that it is user-friendly. The reader who is reading the content must understand it easily and must contain the latest updates in it. it should meet the modern standard of the development so that the reader gets attracted towards it.

Page titles:

The page titles and the Meta description should be catchy and must contain the keyword in it so that the readers get attracted towards it and want to read inside story of the article.

URL of the website:

While you are selecting the name of the website you have to make sure that you use the main keyword of your website it. If the website is about technology the domain name must contain the technology word in it.
So these were the few SEO tips that never changes whatever the policies are of Google and other search engines.


Using sitemaps has many benefits, not only easier navigation and better visibility by search engines. Sitemaps offer the opportunity to inform search engines immediately about any changes on your site.


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