Sunday, 27 January 2013

Building Social Links Can Improve Search Engine Rankings

One of the latest strategies to optimizing your ranking in the search engines is with social links. Social links are Facebook likes, Facebook Shares, Tweets, and Google Plus shares from social media users that create a public link between their followers and the content of a web page.
Social links can help to improve the ranking of articles, blog posts, and websites.  Fortunately, this is actually a strategy that is not that hard for most people to implement. Gaining new quality social links is certainly going to be easier than the text link building part of your SEO strategy. You’ll want to start with the big 3 social networks:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
While the above are the biggest social media networks, keep an eye open for smaller more focused social networks that might work well for your niche when it comes to social links. More links are usually better, but you have to make sure that you are not spending all of your time (or money) getting social links from social media accounts that have few or low quality followers. Social Links from bot, fake or junk social media accounts are worthless, while social links from authority social media users are pure gold.

Quality is Important

On Twitter and other social sites, you often hear people or companies brag about how many followers or friends they have. The real question should be whether those followers are real people who read posts and could one day become a customer, client, or advocate. Having a million followers does no good if none of them intends to buy from you or at least re-share your content.
However, having just a thousand followers can be great if they are active social media users and can possibly turn into customers or forward your social links on to their followers. Always look for social media links from Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus members with quality followers or friends.

Start Implementing the Strategy

The first step is to create compelling content that people want to share on their favorite social media networks. Then you need to make it is easy for your visitors to share your content with their friends and followers. The best way to do this is by adding social media icons or buttons to each of your posts. Your visitors will simply click on the Share button, the Facebook button, or whichever social media service they prefer, and it goes out to all of the people in their audience. If enough of the right people share your content it will mean more quality social links, improved rankings, and more traffic for your website.

A Fun Way to Build a Better Rank

Most people are already using social networking in their daily lives, so it makes sense to start using it for your business as well. Social media allows you to connect with many more people than your site alone would be able to reach.
Utilizing social networking offers more than just social links and a better ranking. It offers social connections. Connecting with people who are active on social networking sites is a great way to build loyalty with current and future customers. is John Lessnau’s latest web traffic and ranking service. After seeing this market flooded by shady dealers selling massive amounts of social links from bot, fake or junk social media accounts, John saw a need for a honest service that only sold quality social links that actually work. Social Link Mart makes social link building easier for SEOs and website owners by only allowing social link sales from authority social media users. SocialLinkMart offers Facebook Likes and Shares, Google Plus Shares, and Twitter Tweets.


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