Sunday, 27 January 2013

Building Customer Loyalty with a Reputable eCommerce Platform

If you are running an online eCommerce shop it is imperative to understand how important it is to build customer loyalty. Every business should aim to have people returning to their website time and time again; as this will increase overall profits and even the amount of customers you reach. If loyal customers are kind enough they will recommend you to their friends and family.
Customer loyalty is the best reward that any business can receive and demonstrates that you really do have a market that is worth working on. If people like it and keep coming back then that’s definitely telling you something.
With an eCommerce platform, there are several things that you can do to help retain customer loyalty. For example ask yourself; what is your approach with new customers? Try some of the tips below to help gain some loyal customers:
1) Maintain regular contact with your customers but not to the extent where it appears to be spam as this is extremely off-putting for anyone. Sending special offers to them via email for example is just one of the great things you can do to keep the customer interested in your business.
2) If a customer contacts you, then contact them back as soon as possible. Speed is essential with online businesses and if you’re too late in getting back to them, they may already have found something elsewhere, meaning that you have just lost a customer.
3) Keep everything relevant within your eCommerce shop. Avoid creating extra pages and content that is completely pointless and has no relevance to your business and / or product(s).
4) Allow for your customer to connect and share with each other. This can easily be done by integrating social media in to your website such as Facebook and Twitter. Doing this is straightforward and usually only consists of embedding some code from the social media site to your website.
5) Ensure that your eCommerce shop has a feeling of security. Because more and more people are shopping online these days, it’s essential that they have peace of mind before going ahead with any transactions. Anti-fraud and secure payments are some factors that should be focused on.
So there you have some top tips to help you build customer loyalty. Remember, your business relies on good people who will come back and recommend you to their friends and family; take every effort you possibly can in order to achieve this. Any digital marketing agency will advise you to treat every customer as a friend; the better they rate your customer service the higher the chance of a sale.


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