Sunday, 27 January 2013

GOOGLE PENGUIN – Dose your site penalized?

After each update came from Google and especially Google Panda and Penguin, we can say that SEO will die, on the contrary, trying to find reasons why a website was penalized once and all solutions. We are aware that some webmasters make their site spam but this update Penguin, made many mistakes. From my point of view, it is impossible for things to stay that way in a very short time will be another update of Penguin and I think things will return to normal unfairly affected sites.

Many of the organic results these days is completely wrong, there are sites that really do not SPAM and down again, this shows that Google Penguin is not yet finished properly. Anyone can tell a poor website, especially if the area of activity. Should know that the SEO, a website is still a solid and people trying to manipulate the search engines will be affected by the disappearance of the organic results. The penguin is hoping that Google will be updated soon and major faults are resolved, we can not only say “wait”, continue to add content and do not force Google’s hand, still do not know exactly what will be and Penguin algorithm still works.

Also, try changing titles and page descriptions are unique and if they do not use a high density on key phrases. What we appear to favor a website in the organic results for keywords or phrases promoted:

Site validation XHTML, HTML5 and CSS
Attribute using the “other” image
Structure of links between pages and articles
Adding fresh content and relevance
Use social networks – Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, etc..
If you make a web directory submission, using different titles and descriptions
If you use platform WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.., Or any site with the possibility of adding tags, do not abuse.
Try adding descriptions and unique titles in categories (if you have the possibility, if not, better do not you allow search engines to index these categories)
No matter how much your company has been affected because of this new algorithm, we need to assess the damage and find solutions out of this impasse. Google will make changes all the time, do not we know what to expect in the near future. I read somewhere that Google reported in 2010, over 500 changes in algorithms, it is clear that this happens all the time. Panda version 3.5, has more than a year since it was launched version “child”, Panda and always existed sites in the Google Dance. The problem is that Google Penguin was made ax, unfinished and put on destruction.


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