Monday, 16 April 2012

Why is Google the best search engine?

Google could be said to be the best search engine for the following reasons:

It relies on a simplicity that many other search engines lack.
It's fast, reliable, easy to use, user friendly.
Fewer, less noticeable ads.
The search algorithm seems to bring the most relevant items to the top.
More relevant ads.

More people use Google than any other search engine in the world, giving Google the information to improve their engine further.

Google Search can be customized, eg: (regular) (pink google) (purple google)

Basically, Google is a crawler-based engine, meaning that it has software programs designed to "crawl" the information on the Net and add it to its sizeable database. Google has a great reputation for relevant and thorough search results, and is a good first place to start when searching.

Google's home page is extremely clean and simple, loads quickly, and delivers arguably the best results of any search engine out there, mostly due to its PageRank technology and massive listings. Google also earns high marks for its maps and searches for images, videos and blog posts; you can even search inside books with Book Search. However, search experts say that no single search engine provides the most relevant results for all queries. Google is also ranked number one because more people use it than any other search engine.

Google provides the best relevant results of the search query at the top. It is also analyzed that the referrals from Google have higher conversion rate then any other search engine.

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