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SEO Blogs: TopRank’s BIGLIST of Search Engine Marketing & Optimization Blogs

Welcome to the BIGLIST of SEM and SEO blogs!
Below is a collection of over 400 SEO and Online Marketing related blogs assembled by the staff at TopRank Online Marketing. This excellent list includes blogs that cover a range of internet marketing topics ranging from SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) to blog marketing, marketing with social media, content marketing and online public relations.
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How do you get on the list?
You can’t. We’re not adding any new blogs at this time. When we were adding new blogs, we’d find most reading blogrolls of other BIGLIST inductees or SEM social news sites. Rarely do we add a blog based on a direct request. Two fundamental requirements: Blogs must cover search marketing and must post 4-5 times per month at a bare minimum. Other considerations include, blog design, usability, writing style and quality.
How do you get off the list?
No one has ever asked how to get off this list, in fact, many have gone out of their way to get ON the list. However, we do drop anywhere from 70-100 blogs off the list every quarter due to a variety of reasons ranging from infrequent blog postings, off topic postings, site not longer working or on occasion, sites that get bought and turned into splogs.
Making Changes
Our goal is to provide a useful and accurate list of actively SEO. Managing such a large list over time means we may not catch every change. Common changes include moving from a third party hosting service to a domain name or sub-domain address, writer changes and topics covered. If you have changes that need to be made in your BIGLIST entry, then contact TopRank using the web form.
  • 123 Social Media – Barry Hurd promises to educate business professionals on how to maximize the best in online marketing and technology.
  • 5 Star Affiliate Programs Blog – Linda Buquet blogs about affiliate marketing, contextual advertising and marketing online.
  • Seperator
  • About: Web Search – Wendy Boswell covers the search engines for
  • Accessible Web Design – Minnesota based Joe Dolson on accessibiliy.
  • Actionable Insights – Covario isn’t just a leading San Diego company in the interactive marketing analytics space, it’s full of Covarians. What do those Covarians do when they’re not using their clever software to automate and analyze SEO and PPC? Why, they’re writing about industry news and updates, indepth analyses, strategic and tactical advice on a blog good enough to make it on the BIGLIST.
  • Adam Sherk Blog – Adam Sherk works as a Search/PR Strategist for Define Search Strategies, part of The New York Times Company and writes about the publishing industry, enterprise SEO and social media.
  • Advanced Web Metrics – The now ex-Googler web analytics guru Brian Clifton is the author of Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics and this is his blog. Note the blogroll for analytics bloggers.
  • AimClear Search Marketing Blog – Another Minnesota based blogger makes the list with Marty Weintraub blogging about paid search marketing and organic SEO with the purpose of demystifying common topics that come up in his interactions with clients.
  • Amplify Interactive Blog – Ben Lloyd, Christian Bullock and Kristin Wall write about fundamental search marketing tips, SEO, PPC as well as industry events.
  • Andrew RH Girdwood – A self titled blog and self described blogger, “digital marketing, search, gaming geek” works for a SEM agency and blogs about Google, SEO, social media and many other SEM related topics.
  • An Internet Consultant Speaks -Scott Hendison covers a range of topics rooted in SEO but including general web marketing topics to PR to blog marketing tactics.
  • Apple Pie & Custard Blog– Originally added to BIGLIST 2 years ago, this blog is written mostly by Kelvin Newman, John McElborough and someone named “Jennie” from Site Visibility about SEM, social media and PPC topics.
  • Ask Kalena – Kalena Jordan offers search engine tips and advice.
  • Audette Media Blog – Adam Audette has a new blog for his internet marketing consulting business and while it’s a new blog, we’re adding it to the BIGLIST because if it evolves into anything like what Adam does on LED Digest, it’s sure to be a hit. Check out the link building primer.
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  • Beanstalk SEO Blog – Dave Davies blogs about news in the search engine and online marketing industry.
  • Being Peter Kim – Previously with Forrester Research, Peter Kim now works with an Austin based strategic consulting practice that is developing an enterprise class Social Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite. He continues to blog about social computing, social media marketing and insights of high value to internet marketers and business leaders.
  • Best Rank Blog – Mike Shannon, Zac Heisey, Guillermo Bravo & Ryan Frank post to this agency blog focusing on quality of posts over quantity, which is a good practice I think. Topics cover the gamut of tips, news, events and agency news.
  • Beyond the Paid – Melissa Mackey who is a Search Marketing Director for MagazineLine and recent winner of a free pass to Search Marketing Expo blogs about search engine marketing.
  • BIG marketing for small business – Rajan Sodhi’s fairly new blog on common and uncommon marketing tactics for small businesses.
  • Big OAK SEO blog – Shell Harris blogs about all angels of SEO.
  • Bill Hartzer – Bill has redone his site and blogs about a wide variety of topics ranging from the search marketing industry to linking to monetizing web site content.
  • Biznology - Former IBM Distinguished Engineer Mike Moran’s blog on search and digital marketing.
  • Blizzard Internet Marketing – Group blog and newsletter from the team at Blizzard Internet Marketing.
  • BlogStorm – Popular UK blogger Patrick Altoft offers an abundance of tips on internet marketing and SEO.
  • BlueGlass Blog – Internet marketing veterans Chris Winfield, Dave Snyder and Brent Csutoras dish out the search and social media marketing smarts on this new agency blog.
  • Britopian – Michael Brito, formerly with HP then Yahoo and now with Intel, writes about social media and marketing online.
  • Bruce Clay Blog – Virginia Nussey performs her blog magic covering the search marketing industry.
  • Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg – Best selling author of multiple books, Bryan Eisenberg begged me for months to add his new blog to the BIGLIST. I challenged Bryan to write another best selling book, start a new company, become a keynote speaker at several popular industry conferences and lose at least 30 pounds. (Hey, we set the bar high for the BIGLIST).  Of course, I’m kidding about the challenge (and the begging). Bryan has accomplished all of those things and much more while writing an excellent blog on conversion optimization and internet marketing strategy with his brother Jeffrey, who is also a best selling author, keynote speaker and online marketing strategist for major brands.
  • BuzzMaven – Scott Clark, a web marketer from Kentucky blogs about a variet of personal and professional interests including SEO.
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  • CanuckSEO – Long time internet marketing veteran Jim Rudnick writes with passion and flair about “Canadian SEO for Google Success!” as well as small business, local SEM and plenty of flavorful opinion posts on a variety of search marketing industry topics. Go for the tips, stay for the story telling and enthusiasm.
  • Capture the Conversation – Internet Marketing Methodologies from Room 214, Inc co-founders James Clark & Jason Cormier.
  • Cartoon Barry – Barry Schwartz’s pseudo personal blog. Also includes links to posts from his work at Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Land.
  • Charlene Li’s Blog – Previously a Forrester Analyst, this blog that also covers social computing and digital marketing topics.
  • cgm – Pete Blackshaw, the CMO of Nielsen BuzzMetrics blogs about consumer generated media.
  • ClickRain Blog – Based in Sioux Falls, Paul Ten Haken blogs about his agency, online marketing tips/how to’s and personal observations. There isn’t a slant towards SEO tactics dujour or limited to agency chest beating, you get a mix of everything which is good for an agency blog.
  • Clicky Media Blog – This UK Agency blog uses cool images with each post, something that does a great job of attracting your attention. Topics range from agency and industry news to internet marketing tactics.
  • ClickZ News Blog and ClickZ Experts – The newly designed ClickZ web site continues to offer first class coverage of the search and interactive marketing industry as well as insight from leading industry experts.
  • ClearSaleing Blog – I came upon this search marketing agency blog indirectly and found it to be chock full of great posts with practical advice and clear insight from people who know what they’re talking about without all the pomp and circumstance you see on the prima donna SEO blogs. Well done!
  • Comparison Engines – Brian Smith’s popular blog on comparison shopping engines.
  • Compete Blog – Online trends and insightful findings from the team at
  • comScore Networks – Feed for comScore press releases.
  • Conversation Marketing – Long time internet marketer Ian Lurie pulls together search, design, development and more with this compliment blog to the free online book, Conversation Marketing.
  • Conversion Rater – Pat McCarthy shows you how to make the web convert for your goals.
  • Copyblogger – Brian Clark’s most excellent blog on copywriting and marketing.
  • Cornwall SEO blog – Lyndon Antcliff’s SEO & social media blog.
  • Cre8pc – The lovely and super smart Kim Krause’s blog on usability and holistic search marketing.
  • Cruces – Michael Myers, COO of FreshCurrent, blogs smart about social media and marketing online.
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  • Daggle – The man, the legend, Mr. Danny Sullivan: Hero of search marketing.
  • Daily Blog Tips – As it’s name implies, this blog with a huge number of subscribers is about blogging but also has a robust category for SEO and internet marketing related topics.
  • Daily SEO Tip – Search Marketing blog guru Loren Baker and SEO smartie, Ann Smarty have partnered to deliver practical, usefuland often creative SEO tips that are good for new pracitioners as well as experienced online marketers.
  • Dan Zarrella – Dan is a self described, “Social Media and Viral Marketing Scientst”, and a web developer who blogs about the social media, viral marketing and SEO focused research he does and tools he’s created like the Link Attraction Factors tools and the recent Tweetbacks blog plugin.
  • Dave Fleet – Dave says he’s exploring the intersection of communications, marketing and social media with this blog and that’s exactly what he does with a nice mix of opinion and tips with a decidedly social media flavor.
  • David Naylor – DaveN, a favorite UK based search marketer who isn’t afraid of wearing a black hat from time to time.
  • Dawud Miracle – Dawud Miracle is a web designer who blogs about, yep you guessed it, web design. But the reason his blog is on this list is that he also touches quite a bit on online marketing including components of SEO such as copywriting, linking, social networking, blog marketing and many other topics which gives a different perspective than most SEO-only blogs.
  • DigiTales Blog – Microsoft’s UK man in the know, Mel Carson blogs for BrandRepublic on all things related to digital marketing. Unfortunately, Brand Republic has decided you must login to see the full posts.
  • Direct Marketing Observations – Tech blogger Marc Meyer writes an interesting mix of social media marketing and direct marketing, or “digital response marketing” as he likes to describe it, for Emerson Direct.
  • Directory Journal – This nicely designed, Internet marketing, social media and SEO blog is part of a network of blogs attached to directories. The posts cover a range of SEO topics but posts are unsigned but I suspect they are written by the site owner, Hasan Saleem.
  • Distilled Blog-Will Critchlow and the team at Distilled, a London based SEO/PPC agency write this blog on search and online reputation management issues along with geo location, mobile and web design topics.
  • Diva Marketing Blog – Toby Bloomberg’s blog on marketing with blogs.
  • Dream Systems Media Blog - Mat Siltala, David Mink and Andrew Melchior “blog” in the true sense of the word, about their experiences as an internet marketing agency as well as a range of web marketing topics and tips ranging from SEO to social media marketing.
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  • eCommerce Blog – Ethan from Baltimore based Groove eCommerce posts on this newer blog about industry and company news followed by topics ranging from SEO to analytics.
  • eConsultancy Internet Marketing & News – Group blog from the team at eConsultancy.
  • Efficient Frontier Insights -For a large agency that has been providing SEM services since 2002 to have a blog less than a year old in 2010 might seem off, but as the name implies, you’ll find plenty of insights and best practices  on search marketing here with posts written by a mix of agency staff.
  • E-Marketing Performance – Stoney deGeyter and the team from Pole Position Marketing offer up search marketing information to render your competition powerless.
  • Epiphany Digital Marketing Blog – This UK agency offers a mix of internet marketing posts from agency staffers on search, social and industry topics.  Many of the posts go into detail about insights, testing and general observations from solving digital marketing problems.
  • Expand2Web Blog – The design winner for this BIGLIST Update Local SEM Blog Edition goes to Expand3Web by Don Campbell. This blog offers a rich mix of WordPress and Local search marketing advice as well as how to screencasts & videos as well as a podcast.
  • Seperator
  • FantomNews – A long time blog written by Ralph Tagtmeir who’s known to have some serious black hat, ip delivery (cloaking) skills, also includes a weekly fantOon or cartoon about search marketing.
  • Fathom SEO Blog – SEO news, trends & analysis from Mike Murray and the team at Fathom SEO.
  • Flyte Blog – Rich Brooks writes about web marketing for small business.
  • Forrester Blog for Interactive Marketing – Excellent group blog from Forrester on various aspects of interactive marketing from B2B social media to search marketing to research and industry news.
  • Fresh Egg Blog –  This cleverly designed agency blog is written by a team of contributors primarily about SEO, Social Media and Web Design.
  • Seperator
  • GEO Local SEO - Steve Hatcher aka Stever recently branched out from his main blog to this new local SEO focused blog that offers specific, firsthand and actionable tips for local search marketing. The first posts focus on Google Local & Maps and promises to cover “just about anything pertaining to local web marketing”.
  • Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog – The team at Vancouver BC based Elastic Path, an ecommerce platform, blog all angles of conducting tansactional business online ranging from general marketing to usability to social media. There’s are also a series of podcasts from last summer worth checking out.
  • Google Code Blog – Google API’s and more.
  • Google News Inside – Jonathan Dingman covers all things Google with his personal perspective.
  • Google Operating System – Ionut Alex Chitu offers uUnofficial news and tips about Google.
  • Google Watch – Steve Bryant from Ziff Davis watches Google.
  • Google Webmaster Central blog – Posts from the Google Webmaster Central team.
  • Google’s Blogs ‘n More – Mix of official Google feeds from Google Blogscoped.
  • Googling Google ZDNet – Garett Rogers from ZDNet blogs about what Google is up to.
  • Gordon Choi’s PPC Blog – If you need to know about Google AdWords, Baidu or any Chinese internet marketing and PPC topics, this is the blog to read (in English). Gordon’s been blogging since 2006 and has covered a variety of SEO and SEM topics and has assembled his own list of SEM Blogs.
  • Graywolf’s SEO Blog – Michael Gray blogs about social media and grayhat SEO.
  • Great Finds – iCrossing company blog about marketing online.
  • Grokdotcom – Group blog from Future Now. Also includes a nifty search marketing blogs aggregator feed.
  • Gypsy Bandito – Media maven CT Moore (Chris Moore) posts lots of video and on a variety of topics ranging from PR, Marketing, Advertising and some SEO.
  • Seperator
  • Hallam Internet Marketing BlogThis blog out of Knottingham is a mix of posts about industry news & observations, training programs offered by Susan Hallam and aggregated Tweets. Making all of one’s tweets for the day into a blog post is automatic and therefore easy for the blogger to create an entry, but the real question is whether it offers useful info to blog readers? In this case I think sometimes yes and sometimes no.
  • High Rankings Advisor Archives – SEO legend Jill Whalen’s newsletter available via RSS.
  • Hitwise Intelligence – The HitWise team posts tasty insights about search trends.
  • Holistic Search Blog – UK based Peter Young blogs mostly about internet marketing topics with an emphasis on tips, commentary and insights related to SEO, PPC and online marketing.
  • Hubspot Marketing Blog – The team at HubSpot writes about internet marketing and online lead generation for small business.
  • Seperator
  • I – Com Blog – Searched, designed and developed. That about sums up this Manchester based internet marketing agency blog that covers design, development, copywriting and search marketing.
  • Ignite Social Media – Ignite is a social media consultancy with the company web site running as a blog. Topics logically emphasize social media with some optimization flavorings. More information on the post authors and a fix to the 404 on the job openings page would be nice.
  • Industrial Search Engine Marketing Blog – Minnesota based Ecreativeworks blogs about search engine marketing from a B2B, industrial and manufacturing perspective.
  • Influential Interactive Marketing – Rohit Bhargava, VP Interactive Marketing for Ogilvy Public Relations on marketing online.
  • Inside AdSense – Official blog for Google AdSense.
  • Inside AdWords – Official blog for Google AdWords.
  • Inside the Marketers Studio – David Berkowitz’s blog on internet marketing.
  • Internet Marketing Blog – Chris Garrett of Performancing fame.
  • Internet News – A general internet marketing and search news blog by Gwen Harris.
  • IR Thoughts – Dr E. Garcia offers an array of posts covering news, papers, and theses on information retrieval, data mining, and search engine technology with a penchant for dispelling myths about Latent Semantic Indexing promoted by sinister SEOs.
  • Seperator
  • Jacob Morgan – A nice mix of social, viral, SEO and marketing strategy from the founder of the SF Search Marketing Salon.
  • Jeff Bullas’s Blog – Jeff works as a sales and marketing manager at Infinity Technologies and his self-titled blog flavors towards social media – offering examples, case studies, lists of tips posts and insights from setting aside his traditional marketing roots and current focus on building trust and relationships with customers through social media, permission and inbound marketing.
  • John Battelle’s Searchblog – Famous co-founder of Wired magazine posts about the search engine industry. I just wish he’d write about search marketing once in a while.
  • John W. Ellis SEM Blog – John writes mostly about PPC, analytics, SEO and social media marketing with a bit of sports, travel and Nashville sneaking in from time to time.
  • – John Andrews on competitive webmastering and SEO.
  • Junta42 Blog – Joe Pulizzi takes his own advice and provides great tips and advice on marketing and retaining customers with content which is really spot on if you subscribe to the “give to get” principles of social media marketing.
  • Seperator
  • Karl Ribas – Blogs mostly about search engine news, pay per click and tools.
  • Kelsey Group Blog – For all things related to local search marketing and online yellow pages, this blog is an excellent resource on industry news and observations from the team at Kelsey Group.
  • KoMarketing Associates SEM Blog – A group/company blog covering SEO, PPC, events, industry news/trends, tips and a lot of personal insight. These folks are clearly involved in, and have an opinion on, what goes on in the industry.
  • Seperator
  • Latitude Group – This UK based search marketing agency blog posts the gamut of internet marketing topics including Affiliate, Email, PPC, SEO, Social Media and Analytics. Company news and case studies can be found as well.
  • Level 343 Articles – Most of the posts on this SEO and content centric blog are written by Gabriella Sannino who offers her opinions on a mix of topics ranging from industry trends to social media.
  • Liberate Media Blog – This UK based agency blog with Andy Merchant, Tim Greenhalgh, Lloyd Gofton and Antony Mayfield covers emerging trends, industry observations, social media and digital PR topics.
  • Live Search Webmaster Center Blog – Official blog of the Live Search Webmaster Center team with just a little bit of a bias with SEOmoz and Search Engine Land as the only other blogs they link to.
  • LocalMN Blog – Paul Jahn writes about local search marketing from Minnesota.
  • Local SEO Guide – With Andrew Shotland it’s all about local internet marketing and he blogs it well.
  • Seperator
  • Manhattan Marketing Maven – Danny Flamberg blogs about all aspects of marketing including marketing online.
  • Mannix Marketing Blog – This agency blog focuses mostly on SEO, web design & Internet marketing as well as agency news and involvement with industry events.
  • Marketer Insight – This is an agency blog from the team at WebSiteBiz covering “current thinking and strategies related to improving online marketing” with search, social media and analytics focused posts from Eric Dudley, Kyle Bumgardner and Tom Dressler.
  • Marketing Experiments Blog – Real-time data, insights, answers, and advice from Flint McGlaughlin’s team at MEC
  • Marketing Pilgrim - Andy Beal’s super stupendous blog on search engine industry news. :)
  • Marketing Profs Daily Fix – With managing editor, Ann Handley, this group blog posts on all things marketing with participants ranging from Eric Ward to Stephan Spencer to BL Ochman.
  • Marketingsherpa Blog – The famous Marketing Sherpa site publishes this well written & cross referenced blog on a range of internet marketing topics from email to search engine optimization by reporters Natalie Myers, Sean Donahue and Adam T. Sutton.
  • MarketingVOX – Previously Marketing Wonk, this post I-Search publication founded by Tig Tillinghast.
  • Matt Cutts – Google’s famous engineer and search spam fighter dispels wisdom, insight and squashes SEO myths.
  • Media Buyer Planner – Online media publication from the same folks that bring you MarketingVox.
  • Mediadonis – Germany based Marcus Tandler writes about his search engine industry and often hilarious personal experiences – mostly in English but sometimes in German.
  • Mediatrust Blog – Peter Bordes, Trip Foster, Scott Parent and Christopher Smith combine to write this agency blog about everything from performance marketing to industry news to company news. The best part of the blog is the video series, “Relevantly Speaking”, which is nicely produced and informative.
  • MediaVision Blog – This is an agency blog with numerous contributors writing about online marketing and search engine industry news, observations and malarkey.
  • Microsoft Advertising Community Blogs – This is Microsoft”s official support blog for AdCenter advertisers.
  • Mihmorandum – David Mihm is a well known local search marketer and designer out of Portland that blogs about his involvement in the search marketing industry and offers opinions and observations of what small businesses should know about local SEO. This blog is well worth adding to your RSS reader.
  • Mikkel deMib Svendsen – I have no idea what this blog is really about because it’s in Danish and my 9 months in Denmark 14 years ago isn’t helping any. What I DO know is Mikkel from many, many search marketing conferences in his signature bright, and I mean bright colored suits talking about some serious online marketing, not just black-gray-white hat search engine optimization. If you do speak Danish, I’m sure you’re in for a treat. Tak!
  • Modern B2B Marketing – Staff from Marketo blogs about a range of BtoB marketing marketing topics.
  • MoreVisibility SEM Blog – The team at MoreVisibility cover industry news & events, online advertising, CPC, analytics and updates on the Search Engines.
  • MSN Sandbox – Where MSN posts beta applications for testing.
  • Multilingual Search – Andy Atkins Kruger and friends around the world blog about search engines and search marketing news happening outside North America.
  • Seperator
  • Nate Moller - Nate, of Prosper, Inc, blogs about ecommerce for small businesses & startup consulting.
  • Natural Search and Mobile SEO Blog – Get your mobile SEO on with Bryson Meunier from Resolution Media and his Mobile SEO blog.
  • Neoformix – Jeff Clark does some really interesting work with graphing and illustrating patterns in data. This whole topic presents some very interesting insights, especially if you study the social nature of how language, words (keyword phrases to all you SEOs) and document analysis can be used in social marketing.
  • NewspaperGrl – Janet Meiners writes about internet and affiliate marketing.
  • Nielsen Technical Services Blog – Another long-time Minneapolis based SEO blogs about the search engine marketing industry.
  • Seperator
  • Occam’s Razor – Avinash Kaushik offers quantitative and qualitative insights into online marketing.
  • Official Google Webmaster Central Blog – Official blog from Google’s Webmasters.
  • Online Marketing Blog – Lee Odden and TopRank team members blog about search marketing, social media as well as interviews, reader polls, SEO blog reviews, marketing tips, guest posts from industry leaders and SEM conference coverage.
  • Original Signal – Transmitting Marketing – A little bit of everything from Peter van der Noord, Patrick Huisinga, Tako Steinz and Gert Goet.
  • Original Signal Transmitting SEO – Aggregation of the 15 most popular SEO blogs and web sites ranging from Search Engine Watch to Search Engine Land and TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog.
  • Outspoken Media Blog – New blog for a new consortium of SEOs (Rhea Drysdale, Rae Hoffmann, Lisa Barone) that have no problem saying or writing what’s on their minds. Still new, most posts are announcements or live blogging from SMX West but hopes should be high for a range of internet marketing topics .
  • Own Page One SEV Blog – Ann Arbor, Michigan based search marketing agency Pure Visibility runs the gamut of search marketing topics on this company blog ranging from PPC to local to SEO and even has a category just for Twitter.
  • Seperator
  • Pandia – Internet searching blog from Per & Susanne Koch of Norway.
  • – Community site/blog about making money through blogging.
  • Phil Bradley’s Blog – Internet searching, web design & search engine developments for librarians.
  • Post-Click Marketing Blog -This is the official agency blog for ion interactive (doesn’t anyone capitalize anymore?) and covers very detailed information about landing pages, optimizing and converting.
  • PPC Advice – Garry Przyklenk blogs on tips and insights into pay per click marketing.
  • Practical Blogging – Adsense, affiliate advertising & general blogging help from Robyn Tippins.
  • Proactive Report – Sally Falkow blogs about online PR and social media
  • ProBlogger Blog Tips – Darren Rowse helps bloggers add income to their blogs.
  • PushONline Marketing – Great blog from the UK doing the full social media thing: images, videos, MySpace and some nods to Twitter. Not without a dose of good humor, check out the videos, “Number One on the Google”, or even better, “Bitch Got Wide Feed”. Brilliant.
  • Seperator
  • Seperator
  • Ramblings About SEO – I was very suprised to see that Eric Enge’s blog, which covers a wide range of topics related to search engine optimization, was not on our list yet, but that’s fixed now.
  • Raven SEO Tools Blog – Jon Henshaw and Lee Smith-Bryan of Nashville based Sitening blog mostly about SEO tactics along with the ususal fare of search industry topics and commentary.
  • Read/WriteWeb – Next generation web technology from Richard MacManus.
  • Receptional – Added on November 2007, we’re happy to see this UK based blog re-added to BIGLIST. Dixon Jones and the team at UK internet marketing agency Receptional blog the gamut of web marketing topics including affiliate and search marketing, usability, analytics and social media.
  • Reel Video SEO and SEM – Need to know about optimizing video for search? This is the place to find tips, tactics and information on all things related to optimizing and marketing video online written by Mark Robertson.
  • ResourceShelf – Gary Price & Shirl Kennedy’s observations on news in the information & web industry.
  • ReveNews – Publisher Jim Kukral and friends blog about the affiliate marketing industry covering topics from ecommerce to analytics to blogging.
  • RKG Blog – Alan Rimm-Kaufman of the Rimm-Kaufman Group blogs about various online marketing news items and tips along with his own commentary.
  • Seperator
  • Sazbean Blog – Sarah and Aaron Worsham post about a wide range of internet marketing topics including strategy, marketing, design, and technology in this well written blog that also includes a nice “Morning Edition” collection of links post.
  • Search Agents-The November winner for the best looking Search Marketing blog. Not only does it offer a clever theme, but content and usability to boot. There are more contributors listed than most SEM agencies have in their employ. Content is balanced between SEO and SEM followed by everybody’s friend, Social Media. The Search Agents is the official corporate blog of The Search Agency, an integrated online marketing firm headquartered in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Search Brains – Excellent “river of news” site on SEO offered by the good people at WebProNews.
  • SearchCap: Daily Search Engine News Recap – Search is completely covered by Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz, Chris Sherman and Bill Slawski.
  • Search Cowboys – Bas van den Beld has assembled an impressive crew of internet marketing experts to write for this online newspaper style blog with regular columns, tools, book reviews, video and events info emphasizing the search and internet marketing industry in Europe.
  • Search Engine Guide Blog – Group blog about search engine optimization.
  • Search Engine Journal – Excellent search engine news site by Loren Baker and friends.
  • Search Engine Land – Danny Sullivan group blog about search engines and the search marketing industry.
  • Search Engine Optimization Facts – Weekly SEO news from Axandra.
  • Search Engine Optimization Journal – With roots in old school direct marketing, Nick Stamoulis has been involved with internet marketing for over 10 years and writes specifically about SEO.
  • Search Engine People Blog – Based near Toronto Ontario, the SEP team blog about a wide range of search marketing topics with an emphasis on SEO, social media and opinion.
  • Search Engine Roundtable – Barry Schwartz aka RustyBrick and friends cover the search engine forums.
  • Search Engine Smarts – A blog about small business search engine marketing for
  • Search Engine Watch blog – Group blog let by Kevin Newcomb posting news from Search Engine Watch and around the web on search engines and marketing online.
  • Search Engines – – Search engine news from all over the net in one place.
  • Search Insider – David Berkowitz, Aaron Goldman, Rob Garner, Gord Hotchkiss, & Bill Wise give the inside of search marketing for MediaPost.
  • SearchQuant – Chris Zaharias writes about the paid search and search engine advertising industry.
  • Seer Interactive Blog – Wil Reynolds and his team from Seer Interactive blog the gamut of Internet marketing topics ranging from SEO and PPC to branding and social media. Many posts are in-depth and very useful.
  • SemAngel – Gary Angel, President and CTO of Semphonic, writes about all aspects of web analytics for search marketing. This is a great example of a thought leader and subject matter expert blog.
  • SEM Blog ineedhits – If you’ve been in the search marketing game for a while, you may remember ineedhits who now online marketing news, releases, industry trends and great DIY tips and advice.
  • SEM Geek – Besides contributing at SMG, Greg Meyers writes an awful lot about paid search marketing including specific PPC platforms, analytics and overall marketing on the internet.
  • Seoaware Blog – Freelance writer and web designer Melissa Fach blogs about her thoughts on search marketing and points to many articles of interest.
  • SEO Book – Aaron Wall’s popular blog that also offers his SEO book for sale.
  • SEO Bull$#*t – Catches your attention doesn’t it?  If you’re not really into SEO, sarcastic humor or expletives, then this blog isn’t for you. Expect an ongoing rant about SEO topics from SEO smarties like theGypsy and Sebastian as well as a promise to “tread the fine line between personal expression and just being a %&#$  !@*&#%”.
  • SEO by the SEA – William Slawski provides Internet marketing & search engine optimization research & services.
  • SEO Chicks – Julie Joyce, Lisa Ditlefsen and Anita Chaperon are women, or as they prefer to be called, “chicks” who know SEO and PPC. They decided after a few beers during a London conference that it was time to get some female attitude into the SEO & SEM blogosphere and here they are with lots of great photos from the recent SMX conference.
  • Blog – The team at blog definitvely about search engine optimization from some pretty creative angles from “If your SEO skills were a song, what would it be?” to movie references like “Transformers of SEO” and Wall-e. There are also plenty of tips and how to’s.
  • SEO Copywriting – Let’s celebrate the launch of SEO and wordsmith guru Heather Lloyd-Martin’s snappy new blog about the magic of writing for users and search engines.
  • SEO Design Solutions Blog – You don’t see too many practical tips blogs these days and that’s why it’s nice to see Jeffrey Smith blogging all manner of tips on SEO from WordPress optimization to organic vs PPC.
  • SEOptimise PPC & SEO Blog – Patrick Altof blogs his observations on the major search engines as well as topics related to search engine optimization, social media and PPC.
  • SEO ROI Blog – Gabriel Goldenberg wears his opinions on his blog sleeve and that makes for some interesting and informative reading on all things SEO from keyword research to “greyhat SEO”.
  • SEO Scoop – Donna Fontenot, aka DazzlinDonna, discusses everything seo.
  • SEO Smarty – SEO Smarty, aka Ann Smarty, whips up a froth of SEO, viral and branding goodness.
  • SEO Theory – Michael Martinez focuses on search engine optimization theory.
  • seoTunes – Internet marketing pro, Matt Davies gives us a blog title that pretty much explains the content in a nutshell: SEO and Music.
  • seogadget- London based Richard Baxter’s Ubuntu, SEO and geek stuff blog with plenty of screen shots and how to posts.
  • SEOmoz – News, tips & highlights from the search marketing industry.
  • SEOptimize – Kevin Gibbons offers a well rounded blog about pay per click and natural search optimization.
  • SEOspace – Jody Nimetz of Enquiro thoughts on organic search engine marketing with a B2B twist
  • SEO Speedwagon – Intrapromote company blog about search engine optimization.
  • SEO Writer - David Leonhardt of the Happy Guy Marketing blogs tips for better SEO , social media, marketing and of course, a bit about Google.
  • Seth’s Blog – Seth Godin’s blog about marketing.
  • Shoemoney – Jeremy Shoemaker’s very popular blog about making money online.
  • Shoestring Branding – Mario Sanchez blogs about internet branding through blogging and social networking.
  • Blog – Group Blog from
  • SitePoint’s Search Engine Marketing Blog – company blog for SitePoint.
  • Single Grain Blog – This agency blog is written by Sujan Patel and Ross Hudgens on SEO, PPC, Design, Link Building and some social media.
  • Small Business SEM – Matt McGee offers insight about search engine marketing for the smaller businesses.
  • Sochable – Another new blog on social media. This one is from James Rucker covering the gamut of Digg, MySpace, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook and more.
  • Social Media Club – Official blog for Social Media Club written primarily by Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells for the social media community and those seeking to learn more about social media. Promotes sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and media literacy.
  • Social Media Mom – Social media consultant Kristen Munson sports some nifty red pumps on her avatar and in between doing mom things also blogs about, you guessed it, social media!
  • Social Media Podcast and Blog – JD Lasica blogs about new media, social networks and computing.
  • Social Media Group – Maggie Fox blogs about everything from social media optimization to advertising.
  • Sphinn – A true nod to social media, Danny Sullivan’s search marketing community resource on topics and discussions related to search and online marketing. This Digg style site based on the Pligg platform, allows readers to register and create profiles, submit, comment and vote on stories.
  • Stay on Search – This update of the BIGLIST gives design recognition to Mark Thompson for his Stay on Search Blog. Besides offering a consistent post format with images and template, Mark blogs a lot of how-to and tips posts along with a much better than average effort at being truly useful. Great design plus great content = a blog worth subscribing to.
  • State of Search – What’s going on in the search and social media marketing space?  This new blog from Dutch internet marketer, Bas van den Beld of Search Cowboys fame, and friends promises to be a source for what’s happening in the world of search and social.  It also compliments a weekly radio show on of the same name.
  • Stepforth SEO News Blog – Since 2003 the Stepforth blog has covered a range of search marketing industry news and sets a great standard for SEM blog writing. Kudos to Ross Dunn for a great job.
  • Straight North - Brad Shorr and Jeanne Dininni write this insightful company blog about search engine marketing topics, especially SEO.
  • Straightupsearch – OneUpWeb’s company blog for anyone in advertising, marketing and pr.
  • Seperator
  • Tamar Search Blog – This isn’t the superwoman blogger Tamar you’re probably thinking of, it’s the Tamar Search Conversion Agency based in London and Capetown with blog topics ranging from search and social media marketing to usability and conversion analytics.
  • TechCrunch – Michael Arrington’s popular web 2.0 blog.
  • techipedia: anything tech. – Posts about internet marketing, seo, social networking & more from self-appointed tech geek, Tamar Weinberg
  • Techmeme – Gabe Rivera’s software agent that covers all the news in technology in one location.
  • The Acquisio Blog – Naoise Osborne writes this “Canadian Flavoured Marketing Soup” blog mostly on PPC but a little Foo makes it interesting.
  • The Agency Blog – The personal blog of Giovanni Gallucci.
  • The Future Buzz – Adam Singer of  TopRank Online Marketing blogs about blogging, social media and internet marketing.
  • The Internet Marketing Driver – Glenn Gabe covers the gamut of internet marketing topics in this blog and makes up for infrequent posting by going deep on a lot of posts with detialed how to’s and insights into tools, SEO and media.
  • The Jungle Map – Charlotte, NC based Hippo Internet Marketing guy Corey Creed writes this agency blog with a fun design about SEO, PPC and business in Charlotte.
  • The Search Insider – Not to be confused with MediaPost’s “Search Insider”, this blog from Wpromote’s Mike Mothner provides insight into pay per click and the business of search marketing.
  • The Social Media Marketing Blog – Scott Monty’s perspectives on B2B & social media.
  • THINKing – With trends toward media creation, optimization and promotion the thoughts that Harry Hoover, Mark Harrison and Brant Waldeck publish about advertising, creativity, marketing & PR become very relevant for the next generation of search marketing.
  • Think Traffic – This blog by internet entreprenuer Corbett Barr  makes some serious promises: “…teach you the techniques, tools and knowledge you need to build real, sustainable web traffic without a big budget.”  Sounds pretty good to me. Corbett relates his experiences with past projects and growing an audience for Think Traffic to the benefit of readers.  This very new blog offers practical tips and is well designed enough to get our top listing for this week’s review.
  • Three Minds on Digital Marketing – Two heads are better than one and in this case, three is better yet. The  folks at Organic blog about digital marketing topics and according to the tag cloud, “exceptional experiences” are the emphasis along with design, social web, user experience and marketing strategy.
  • Traffick – Andrew Goodman writes one of the oldest blogs on search marketing.
  • Seperator
  • Understanding Google Maps & Yahoo Local Search – The title of this blog by Mike Blumenthal says it all.
  • Unofficial Google Analytics Blog – ROI Revolution’s take on Google Analytics.
  • Unofficial SEO Blog – Navneet Kaushal posts news about the SEO industry.
  • Upright Communications Blog – As the name implies, this is an agency blog written mostly by Eric Frye and Allison Kulage with image a video rich posts on search and social media marketing topics.
  • Seperator
  • Vertical Leap Blog – This UK agency blog  covers practical search marketing tips, insights specific to UK search engines and industry news. Comments are turned off, which is a disappointment.
  • Vertical Measures Blog – This Phoenix, AZ agency blog focuses on SEO, link building, agency events and industry observations, Posts are written mostly by Social Media Architect, Kaila Strong.
  • VIZION Blog – Search Engine Watch columnist Mark Jackson and his team at VIZION blog about a wide range of SEO topics, worth subscribing to for sure.
  • Volusion’s eCommerce Blog – Articles and resources to boost your online business.
  • Seperator
  • Web Analytics Book – Daily web analytics news from anonymous, who grew up in Germany and now lives in NYC.
  • Web Analytics World – Manoj Jasra from Enquiro shares his wisdom and observations about analytics and search marketing.
  • Web Ink Now – David Meerman Scott helps innovative marketers use digital information effectively.
  • WebmasterWorld – News and discussions for the Web professional.
  • Web Metrics Guru – Marshall Sponder of IBM writes about web analytics and the search marketing industry.
  • Website Magazine Blog – A group blog from the publishers of Website Magazine which covers the search engine industry as well as general topics related to online marketing.
  • Web Strategy by Jeremiah – Jeremiah Owyang provides web tools to help connect with customers.
  • We Build Pages Blog – As the search marketing industry has evolved, so has We Build Pages with a new blog  that includes posts from WBP staff, CEO Jim Boykin and the excellent writing style of Lisa Barone.
  • What’s Next – BL Ochman’s blog about marketing online and life in NYC.
  • Seperator
  • Yahoo! Search blog – Official blog about the Yahoo search engine.
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing blog – Official blog for Yahoo Search Marketing.
  • Yodel Anecdotal – Yahoo! company blog.
  • Seperator
There is no way to get on this list by “submitting” or requesting. I must notice your blog, read it and like it. It’s totally subjective and not an attempt to be a comprehensive resource, but one the we’ve found to be useful at TopRank.
Did your SEO or SEM blog make the cut? Share the good news with your readers using the badge and link below or choose one from the badges page:


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